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An Intact Threat Superiority Effect For Nonsocial But Not Social Stimuli In Schizophrenia

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Hallucinations, delusions and social withdrawal are common symptoms for individuals that have been diagnosed with schizophrenia (Comer, 2014). These symptoms plus many others can make it difficult for these individuals to be successful and be able to flourish in society. Those with hallucinations can make it hard for those to be able to know what is real and what is not. People with schizophrenia also tend to loose contact with reality and have difficulty recognizing social threats. However, can these people with schizophrenia recognize other threats; threats that are not social? Pinkham, Kelsven, Simpson, Sasson, Koher & Healey (2014) conducted a study to answer this ...view middle of the document...

These durations times were how long the groups of images appeared on the screen. The participants were allowed to answer after the images had faded.
The results of this study indicated that participants who were considered healthy exhibited similar reaction times towards the two different analogous visual search tasks. However, the participants who were schizophrenic had quicker response times for the snake-in-the-grass task and slower response times for faces-in-the-crowd tasks. These results demonstrated that schizophrenic individuals are able to identify nonsocial threats even though they cannot distinguish social threats.
One of the limitations for this study was the different durations of the two analogous visual search tasks. The faces-in-the-crowd task had a duration of 2,000 milliseconds (ms) and the snakes-in-the-grass had a duration of 1,200 ms. It is possible that the participants learned that the snake-in-the-grass images had a shorter duration. If they did notice this time difference, the fact that they recognized the snakes as a threat might not have been the reason why snake-in-the-grass had a faster response time. The difference in time could have been the result of the two different durations. Perhaps conducting this study again with similar...

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