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From television shows to various movies, violence has been ingrained into everyday life. However, these violent media outlets have been all but interactive, until the age of video games. At first creation, video games seemed harmless, with the initial games being Pong and Pac-Man. However, as time passed the public called for the integration of their favorite past time, violence, Game developers responded in kind, and still to this day violence is essential element in some of the most popular games. Although the use of video games do claim some responsibility for the aggressive actions of children, these video games should not be banned for the promotion of violence as they are not the sole reason for the increased aggression.
With the worried minds of parents and politicians alike, research has been conducted to show that video games have a correlation to an increase in aggression in young children. A number of violent video games, namely the popular Call of Duty series, are shooters that closely simulate war and put the player in the position of a soldier. This would cause a desensitization of violence since players who often have not experienced war may believe that this is an actual depiction. This desensitization could be attributed to an increase in aggression because the player may be used to the killing of virtual human figures without regret. In real life, the very same player will also apply the lack of regret to actual human figures, which would make them more prone to violent solutions and increased aggression. According to an Army psychologist Lt. Colonel David Grossman, “There are three things you need in order to shoot and kill effectively and efficiently…a gun…a skill to hit a target with the gun…and the will to use that gun”, and is supported by DeGaetano who also states that “The military knows that the killing simulator takes care of two out of three by nurturing both the still and the will to kill a fellow human being” (Steinberg 2). Grossman is also quoted in another study by saying that “video games are “murder simulators” and serve as an equivalent to military training (Sternheimer 2). This leads to the observation that the shooter games would directly lead to the increase of aggression to its desensitizing effects.
Even though video games do desensitize children, there are still other factors responsible for the overall increase in negative behavior. These factors include other aspects of video games, such as video games, other various media outlets, and one’s definition of violence. As with varying levels of murder, there are also different degrees of violence. Profanity in video games is quite common, and others may see this as a “verbal violence” which will increase the aggression of youth since...

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