An International Learning Experience Essay

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I am studying at Auckland International College (AIC), whose students come from many countries in the world, such as New Zealand, South Africa, America, Russian, China, Korea, etc. In this aspect, I believe that this life is similar to life at university because I, as well, have to communicate with people who have different nationalities and speak different languages. Nationality and language are factors that usually prevent a student from assimilating into a new environment. However, I think the experience at AIC can help me overcome these obstacles; and I, in turn, will support other international students. This is the way that I will contribute to life at Rice.
The difference in nationality is hard to defeat. My friends and I were in a dilemma when Vietnamese newspaper published a piece of news that stated China encroached on Spratly Islands, which belongs to Vietnam. We did not know whether to believe the news or not because it could be biased; and we had no idea how we should treat our Chinese friends if the news was true. At first, we felt so angry to such an extent that we stopped talking to Chinese people. Nonetheless, how can we keep silent forever to someone who studies, lives, and shares many precious moments with us? Gradually, we started chatting with our Chinese classmates again. I do not know what my friends think but I did feel guilty and sad as if I betrayed my country. “Uyen, you’ve done the thing,” Mrs. Mack, my Vietnamese teacher consoled me and reminded me of a simple but true principle, “Please remember that Chinese people here do not do commit the fault. They are being friendly to you, and it is...

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