A Website Evaluation For Pfizer's Guide To Careers In Pharmacy (Www.Pfizercareerguides.Com).

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As a child waiting beside my mother at our local Walgreens, I was curious to discover what exactly the friendly drugstore pharmacist was working on behind the counter. But before I could even ponder, she promptly returned with tasty, cherry flavored cough drops to relieve my scratchy sore throat. Now as an adult, I have come to appreciate the public services that pharmacists provide. The number of pharmacists retiring and elderly people living longer than ever before is continually increasing. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, employment in pharmacy is projected to increase faster than the average of all other occupations until the year 2012. Given these specifics along with my interest in pharmacy as a potential career, I decided to further investigate. I investigated three websites: www.pharmacy.org, www.acp.com, and www.pfizercareerguides.com. The Pfizer Guide to Careers in Health Care was by far the most helpful resource for exploring pharmacy as compared to the two other websites. The Pfizer website is credibly sponsored by a reputable corporation, is accurately presented by medical specialists, is currently updated, and visually appealing. Several aspects making the website even more worthwhile and useful are the acknowledgement by the corporate president in addition to the listing of the participating writers, the content's variety of occupations and applicable job sites, the current relevancy of information, which is no more than five years previous to the present date, and the consistent design from page to page. When it is not possible or convenient to obtain an "in person" career interview, Pfizer's website serves as the best alternative as a virtual-on-line informative consultant.Credibility is the first criteria of importance to me for choosing a website. Viewing the homepage of the career guide site, I scanned the screen searching for either the company or organization sponsoring the website. Moments later, I spotted the familiar Pfizer logo at the top right corner of the page. Then I clicked the logo which took me to a page where I learned that Pfizer is a globally recognized company designing, producing, and providing quality medicine for the well-being of both humans and animals alike. I returned to the homepage and clicked on a link called "Pharmacy Guide" and found a letter from Pfizer on the side-hand menu bar under the Pfizer logo. Unlike a disconnected corporate president whose single interest is in the affairs of his stock holders, the president of Pfizer wishes to be a helpful resource to future pharmacists. Adding to the credibility of the website is the multitude of writers who put together the information. Looking back at the sidebar menu, I clicked on the link called "Acknowledgements," and it immediately listed many names of pharmacy specialists. At the bottom of the sidebar menu is a link called "Organizations and Resources." After clicking it, a long, comprehensive list of pharmaceutical...

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