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BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, A GREAT CITIZEN.When talking about Benjamin Franklin, we talk about the man who had the most influence to America. He was even called the "first American" because of all the great things he had done as a politician and as a multi talented person. Franklin was a scientist, philosopher, diplomat, author, and probably the first national humorist. For all of those, there is only one word to describe him, “the man before his time”. Therefore, it is not surprised when everyone including me wishes they could meet Benjamin Franklin. To me, having a chance to meet him must be an honor because talking to Benjamin is like having a conversation with the one who today we call, a celebrity. However, there is not much time for us to talk because Franklin has so many things need to be done, so I just ask him three questions that I really want to ask for a long time.Mr. Franklin, it is my honor to meet and talk with you. Seem like there is nothing you do not know so I do not know what I should call you, scientist or inventor or politician. I also heard that many people call you “the most educated people of your time”. What do you think about that?“Most educated person”, he laughs. “I’m not”. Young man, let me tell you. I only attended school for two years and then my father decided he could not afford my education so he withdrew me from school and I have to learn myself, or you can say I teach myself. I know many things from science to politics because I never stopped considering things I could not explain. I always try to understand the world around me, that how the ideas of the lightning rod and the kite came from. You can tell that I am a curious person who looks at anything without wondering how it works and why it is. So, I do not want to be called the most educated person, the only thing I want is to be remember as a great fighter for the independence of my country.Although you do not want to be called the most educated...

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