An Introduction To The 3 Idiots, An Award Winning Film

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An Introduction to the 3 Idiots, an Award Winning Film
It is from this context that the film 3 Idiots comes. 3 Idiots was a “superhit film” (3 Idiots Triumphs) directed by Rajkumar Hirani and released in 2009. The 3 Idiots is an award winning film with many awards were given specifically for its sound design. 3 Idiots has won more than 20 awards including best sound recording and best sound re-recording from the International Indian Film Academy (3 Idiots Awards) and best sound engineer, best lyricists, best playback singer, most popular song, and best film album at the first Chevrolet Global Indian Music awards (GIMA)(3 Idiots Triumphs).
In the context of so many awards it is interesting to note that 3 Idiots breaks the traditional story structure. Over the course of the film a servant boy becomes a famous patent holder, a member of the upper class falls in love with a former servant, and many other characters rise from the lower class to become successful members of middle class India. While not traditional these movements within the levels of society are tied to India’s current social context and the film’s target audience the campus crowd.
This focus on the campus crowd influences the style and function of music within 3 Idiots. When asked to comment on the philosophy behind the music in 3 Idiots Director Hirani said, “simple because it’s about common people like you and me”(Taneja). At the same time Hirani strived for something new breaking away from the traditional music in pursuit of a “young vibe”, a “carefree attitude”, and a “campus and buddy feel”(Tanja). To do this Hirani utilized bottles and bowls as instruments in the film(Taneja). Hinari seems to have succeeded in his attempts one reviewer commented that the film was “an all out entertainer, aimed mainly at the youth and in particular the campus crowd” (Music).
When asked about the inspiration for his music music composer for the hit song “all is well” Shantanu Moitra said that he developed his music based on the sound he hears around him. Moitra stressed that music was of great importance to film saying, ”the power of music [is] one of the most effective tool[s] of communication in films”(3 Idiots Music). Moitra specifically harped on “the effectiveness of music in animation films where sound plays a vital role”(3 Idiots Music).
Analysis of the use of sound in 3 Idiots second wedding scene
In looking at this film I would like to go beyond just the traditional “7 song” structure of Bollywood and look at how a variety of different sounds are used within a particular scene. This will allow the reader and viewer to better appreciate the skills of the sound artists, and their contribution to storytelling that is often overlooked within Bollywood film criticism. I have chosen to look 3 Idiots second wedding scene because it presents many powerful audio storytelling elements and is not one of the films big musical numbers.
It may prove beneficial to review the scene, as well as the...

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