An Inverter Testing System For Computer Room Air Conditioning

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bstract—This paper aimed at functional requirements with CRAC (computer room air conditioning) inverter test system, and realized the test system hardware platform design, while completing the software functional design and programming algorithm. For example in Self-Made 10Kw inverter and Schneider ATV31H 2.2Kw inverter, we research on its output three-phase voltage, three-phase current for balance analysis and harmonic calculations. Practical application shows that the system can achieve efficient automated test process, and the measurement results with manual measurement are the same. Keywords—Air Conditioner Inverter; variable frequency drives (VFD); Harmonic Analysis; Balance Analysis.
With the rapid development of communication technology, communications equipment and ancillary equipment energy consumption increases every year. Communication operators and manufacturers pay more and more attention on this issue. It is effectively guarantee the normal operation of communications equipment that extensive use of air-conditioning equipment. Meanwhile it brought great energy issues. Data show that: 73% of the energy consumption of China Mobile is base station energy consume, And the energy consumption rate of 15% for the communications room. The base station with a room which has 46% of energy is generated by the air-conditioning, and in the communications room, the air conditioning power consumption accounted for 34% [1]. The computer room precision air-conditioning power consumption accounts for about 50% of total consumption, the data room is as high as 60% [2]. Frequency conversion is currently one of the most suitable energy-saving technologies for air-conditioning [3, 4]. This technology aimed to achieve energy-saving by adjustment the conditioning compressor speed, by adjustment of the cooling water pump speed, and by adjustment the speed of the ventilation equipment [5-7]. Therefore promotion CRAC frequency conversion energy-saving and performance assessment has great significance for the efficiently operation of the computer room. However there exists no perfect performance test system for inverter. The test systems in article [8, 9] do not analyze the inverter output voltage, output current, harmonic and balancing.
The research goal in this paper is the performance of inverter for CRAC and the corresponding testing system; it will be introduced in the second part. The inverter in CRAC than conventional inverter should have a higher frequency stability and harmonic suppression performance, so it is necessary to evaluate the inverter’ performance: balancing test method and harmonic test algorithm for inverter testing system will be discussed in Part III. Two Type of motor participate in the experiment. One is the AC asynchronous machine which is used often in traditional CRAC compressor, and the other is AC permanent magnet synchronous motor which is use for next generation CRAC compressor. The experimental results analysis...

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