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An Investigation About Shyness Of Teenagers And The Hesitation About Treatments To Overcoming It

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Shyness is a feeling of awkwardness, lack of comfort while socializing with other people, especially with new people in unfamiliar places, it also can be considered as a trait in a human's personality. Moreover, In psychology shyness is defined as the awkwardness or apprehension some people feel when approaching or being approached, shy people most of the time want desperately to socialize but they don't know how, or what should they do. They also experience a type of anxiety that makes them so cautious while socializing with others, worrying that they might do or say something wrong so they are quiet most of the time thinking it’s the safest way, even though they want to impress others. However Shyness has many levels, from being shy for a minute because of some situation, to extreme shyness with everybody. Nevertheless, at the time being, shyness has extremely increased in the teenagers’ society, making many psychologists thinks about treating shyness. However many psychologists hesitate, whether they should actually kill this trait in humans. More importantly, can shy people overcome it, or is it a nature in them? They cannot control just like all humans cannot stop breathing oxygen.

Before trying to treat shyness in teenagers, psychologists thought that there are many benefits and drawbacks and didn’t know if they should consider shyness as an illness, because there are so many levels of it. Not mentioning the fact that teenagers are in the middle of a development stage, still growing up and exploring the world, and in the process there is a possibility of the teenager overcoming it on their own. According to the Stanford Shyness Survey they held in the USA for adults who experienced shyness, 80% of them experienced it at the teen years leading to the conclusion that shyness is a common and widespread among teenagers. However most of them didn’t like these years, and regretted in a way not overcoming it so that they can live these unique years to the fullest and enjoy them. Giving psychologists a very powerful reason to treat teenagers before it’s too late.

Furthermore, according to researches shyness is spread the most in teenagers because they have just started their life, most of them are stuck between the safeness of cozy home and the complicated circle of socializing, that they prefer being on the side. As they grow most of them manage to shake off this feeling. In addition, shyness effects girls more than boys, however it causes more trouble to boys, one of these problems is bullying at school by other boys, by being shy most of the time the boy cannot stand up for himself as he does not know how, which leads to his fear growing and consuming him, which may lead the boy to drugs and alcohol to overcome it.

Shyness may be a personal experiment and trait, but its effects are felt throughout society, for instance, enjoying friendship, marriage is rather impossible with shyness eating their feelings. also, a shy person may be clever and...

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