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An Investigation Into The Biggest Loser

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We live in a modern society that rejects certain individuals whose body shape or size doesn’t conform into our modern world’s archetypical ideologies, values and beliefs. This report investigates on how the manipulating media persuades pre- adolescents and adolescents that there is only one healthy and acceptable body type. This particular society accepted body type being the glorified “thin” which goes hand in hand with the Weight Centred paradigm. However, HAES studies potently disagree and challenge these praised views and beliefs for “HAES advocates generally do not believe the same narrow weight range or BMI range is maximally healthy for every individual” (W Wayt Gibbs 2005).After analysing and deconstructing the very popular television series of The Biggest Loser final recommendations have been made regarding how the “popular media influences the weight management behaviours and choices of adolescents” as well as, “how do these contribute to quality of life and life expectancy”.
2.1 Background

It is generally agreed in today’s society, propagation of media potentially places undue pressure on youth. Common negative stigma associated with the terms “weight”, “overweight”, “obese” and their perceived equivalence to a state of health is believed to result in negative or risk taking decisions and behaviours. This issue is considered significant due to the pervasive and ubiquitous nature of information presentation and consumption. This research is specified component of the Health Education syllabus at Palm Beach Currumbin State High School. Its purpose is to identify the presence of a significance influence.

2.2 Purpose
The purpose of this report is to investigate, analyse and deconstruct a specific media form relating to obvious yet hidden messages about weight management amongst pre- adolescents and adolescents. The most common and dominant reading foreground on a daily basis by the mainstream media, about the “correct” weight management of individual’s is the Weight Centred paradigm, for instance, statements such as “eat well and exercise everyday and you can control your body weight, so that you are not underweight or overweight”, (NHMRC). A valid representation would be the very fashionable show generally known as The Biggest Loser. This series highlights and demonstrates many health injustices associated with the Weight Centred template such as exercising up to “6 hours a day with only 1000-1500 calories” (The New York Time, November 26, 2009) By publicly broadcasting these evaluations, summaries, conclusions and recommendations can be expressed in order to increase education about the negative impact and effect the manipulating media has on youth health.

2.3 Scope

The research conducted will cover precise methods on how the mass media successfully influences and portrays the common ideology of the “rapid rise in the obesity epidemic in Australia” (B. Swimburn, 2003) using the Weight Centred...

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