An Investigation Into World Wide Causes Of Suicide

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An Investigation into World-Wide Causes of SuicideSuicide (self killing) is the act of ending one's own life. As a matter of fact, this act is considered a very complex work particularly with regard to the reasons. However, there are a many different reasons which can lead people to commit suicide. Nowadays, suicide has become an important subject all over the world. That not only because it is a dangerous phenomenon which has an unfavourable effect on any society, but also because of the dramatic increase in the number of people who died as a result of suicide. According to world Health Organization statistics (March 2002), suicide rates have increased by 60% worldwide between 1950 and 2000, and every year over 1,000,000 people around the world take their own lives by committing suicide. In addition, according to a new report (June 2002) from University of Oslo, suicide is likely to rise by 15% by 2020. In fact, it is very simple nowadays to hear about people committing suicide around the word. So, this study aims to focus on the suicide reason.Data about suicide is inexact for different reasons. Nonetheless, I believe that there are two main reasons for that. First, many countries around the world do not want to appear the social phenomenon which leads to suicide. Second, in many cases the police tend to classify suicide as an accident to reduce the family sad.However, I have collected some statistics about suicide from World Health Organization and different countries websites:Table 1SUICIDE RATES(PER 100,000) NUMBER OF SUICIDE YEAR COUNTRY38.7 55330 2002 RUSSIAN24.1 30521 2000 JAPAN22.5 250,000 1999 CHAINH17.5 10268 1999 FRANCE13.4 11156 2001 GERMANY13.4 1196 2001 SWEDEN12.7 2456 2001 AUSTRALIA11.7 499 2001 NEW ZEALAND11.7 3605 2000 CANADA10.4 29319 2001 U.S.A7.9 768 1990 ZIMBABWE7.5 4448 1999 U.K5.7 801 1994 CHILE4.1 6584 1995 BRAZIL1.5 34 2001 KUWAIT0.5 300 2001 EGYPTWorld Health Organization (2002)The table shows the rates of suicide (per 100,000) in some different countriesFirst of all, there some points we should recognize before the discussion of suicide causes. First, from the table we remark that the number of suicide in rich.........................................* According to World Trade Organization.Countries is higher than other countries. Second, while Suicide is not the major cause of death; it is generally the four leading causes of death around the world (1). Third, males are four times more liable to die from suicide than are females except in China. Nevertheless, females are more likely to attempt suicide than males (2). Fourth, the suicide rate among youth people nowadays is more than elderly people, compared with twenty years ago (3).Next, as Stone (2001) pointed out, hanging, shooting, cutting the artery, drowning and inhalation or taking poison are considered the most common suicide methods around the world. In addition, as I was searching I discovered something very strange, there are some websites help you to commit...

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