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Mary Shelley's Life Shined Through her WorkBorn to two radical novelists in 1797, Mary Shelley had the gift and passion of writing in her blood. Going through many hardships in her life such as the death of her mother and two children, Shelley used her writing as a relief (Holiday12). It is apparent in her work that her childhood and life as a young adult greatly affected her novels as well as the characters she wrote about.Through out Mary Shelley's books, she seems to be drawn to the concept of a child-parent bond. She first displays this in Matidia, the story of a father's incestuous love for his daughter brought on by her resemblance of her dead mother. In her novella, The Mourner, she explores the motif of a daughter's abandonment of her mother at an early age. The Mourner is commonly compared to Matidia and often criticied for not living up to the originonal (McKeeverr1). Falkner, her final novel, was written about a man and his adopted daughter, "her investigation of extreme psychological states is modeled on the introspected fictions of her father, William Godwin (Todd2)". The majority of her parent- child plots concern a father and daughter, but in her first published piece, Frankenstein, she develops a fictitious plot to convey the same signification. The main character is a monster that was created by a mad scientist who rejected him. These ideas are related back to Mary's life in two different ways. The abandonment she had bestowed on her two children that she had miscarried, lead her in a life of guilt and pain. During March of 1815 she wrote in her journal,...stay at home and think of my little dead baby...always come back to the same point--that I was a mother and am so no longer...dream that my little baby camelife again that it had only been cold, and that we rubbed it before the fire and itlived. Awake and find no baby...dream again about my baby a very grim dream...so sorry my dear child...(Shelley40--44)This reaccuring theme is also a result of the abandonment she felt eleven days after she was born when her mother, Mary Wollstonecraft, died. Although she did have a father and despite their closeness, when he remarried the feeling of coming second to his wife was always subconsciously there. This feeling resulted in spite towards her step mom shown later on in life, "Give my...

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