An Investigation Into The Presentation Of Food Science In A Variety Of Non Fiction Texts

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I intend to study food science at University therefore decided to investigate how language is used in food science publications.

I believe that the level of accessibility of a food science publication will be higher in texts aimed at specialists but there will be similar features in common in each level of texts.

I looked at four different publications to analyse texts altered to suit their audience. I investigated visual media (television, YouTube, website videos, etc.) and written media (newspaper, books, magazine, and many more) but came to the conclusion that transcribing would be to time consuming compared to annotating written texts and that the written material is more varied, so suits my investigation. I chose four texts from the genre of food science writing aimed at very different audiences.

I created a table in which to record the different aspect of my analysis these include lexis, imagery,
lexis, graphology, numerical values/ scientific abbreviation.

Text A
Horrible Science

Children's science magazine
Young children
To inform and entertain
to educate
Text B
Food Processing
Teenage students
To educate
Text C

How Science Work
Science magazine
Adults without a specialist interest in science
To inform and Entertain
Text D
New Scientist 
Specialist science magazine
Aimed at adults with specialist interest in science
To inform
My Findings/analysis: 

Sematic field: 
All the texts use lexis related to semantic field of food science.  Texts A refer to well-known items to help explain the more complex terms for example,  “Insulators, such as wood and plastics, stop heat from spreading and can also keep the chills out” the writer uses a scientific term “insulators” it explain this by using a colloquial expression “keep the chills out”. 

In Text C scientific lexis is also commonly used but is slightly more complex with several chemical terms. “The yeast begins to make ethanol by fermentation”. It also then follows this with a comparative explanation “much like in brewing beer” so that the term can be understood. 

Where text B explains its lexis in sections, it states the lexis then follows it with a brief and condensed explanation “Saturated-containing so much solute in proportion to solvent that no more dissolves” the condensed explanation suits the need for an educational text due it is straight to the point, making it easy to understand and clear to the teenage audience.

Text D is the most complex and doesn’t explain any lexical items. For example:...

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