A Product Differentiation Essay Comparing Two Lip Plumpers.

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Lip Fusion XL and DuWop's Lip Venom, two similar products aimed at helping women achieve the pouty "Angelina Jolie lips" that everyone is after. Even though both of their advertisements were found in the same issue of Glamour Magazine, approaching the same target market, they have a very distinctly different method of gaining the potential customer's business.At first glance these two products have an obvious contrast in their attempt to entice their market. Lip Venom keeps their campaign simple with blank space and few words only using a quarter of the page to advertise. On the other hand Lip Fusion XL fills their page with information and facts. They use an entire page to explain "what it is", "how it works", and "why you (as the consumer) need it". They claim that their product will give you your "firmest, fullest, sexiest put ever". They explain this by using medical and scientific terminology to back it up. They sum it up by explaining why every women needs its due to the demand of a luscious lips. Not only does it make you look great but it can cure chapped and sensitive lips as well.These two advertisements are a perfect example of the age-old battle; classic versus cutting edge. DuWop invented the first ever lip plumper. They utilize this in their campaign by listing three great women landmarks in time. First they credit the wheel to a women in 5500 BC, followed by Madame curie's discovery of radium in 1989, and then the equally as important creation of the first lip plumper in 1999 by DuWop. By including this in their ad they anticipate consumers to be impressed by their credentials. Representing the other side of this feud is Lip Fusion XL. They consider themselves to be "beauty's newest breakthrough".Through out their ad they stress such words as "advanced", "future", "next generation", "ground breaking" and "revolutionary". In doing this they hope to gain business from a new wave customer base.The visuals that each campaign uses are effective in their own way. By keeping their approach straight forward and basic, Lip Venom is saying to their customers that a picture of their product is enough. They use market penetration to rely on the dependability of their brand to their...

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