An Ocean Apart, A World Away Written By Lensey Namioka

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An Ocean Apart, a World Away written by Lensey Namioka was such a
fascinating demonstration of persuading readers to go on


An Ocean Apart, a World Away written by Lensey Namioka was such a
fascinating demonstration of persuading readers to go on and pursuing
your own dreams. It was published in 2002 by Dell Laurel-Leaf, who is
an imprint of Random House Children’s books in New York.

This book that I had just read was mostly about this one Chinese girl
named Xueyan who is also known as Yanyan, or Shelia in her school.
During the early 1900s, China was struggling to maintain their
unstable democracy. They didn’t worry much about their citizens’
living. They only knew one goal in their mind which is to fight over
territories and political titles. At that time, many young women were
finding themselves caught between old traditions and new ideas.
Typical Chinese girls at the age of sixteen would most likely be
putted into the plans for their marriage. Yet Yanyan was fortunately
being born into a family whose father, in this case, was one of the
few who believed in education for women. Yanyan wasn’t interested in
marriage like other girls would. She has a bigger and brighter vision
of her future than just being a housewife in her mind. She was
interested in schooling. When Yanyan finished with high school, she
wonders what the next stage of her life will bring. Since Yanyan has
always with the interest in medical, Yanyan was thinking of finding a
way to become a doctor one day.

Yanyan’s bright future was kind of getting blurry and slowed when she
finally knew that she has a crush on Liang Boashu, who’s great in
martial arts and is a best friend of her eldest brother. Yanyan
started to meet him when she went on a journey to Shanghai with her
eldest brother and him, to see her best friend, Ailin, for the last
time. Ailin wasn’t as lucky as Yanyan. She was forced to be drop out
of high school early, since her uncle couldn’t afford to pay for her
tuition in school no more. Ailin had to leave for America and there
she must work for a foreign missionary family. After seeing the path
of Ailin’s poor life, Yanyan felt like she was very blessed, and at
that moment, Yanyan had promised herself that she will seek for any
opportunities that will help her to reach toward her goal.

While they were on their way back home, they met a man named George
Pettigrew, who gave them a card about Cornell University in Ithaca,
New York. Yanyan at that moment was very happy. She knew that the
opportunity that she had been waiting for now has just arrived. Yet
Yanyan was very stuck when she tried to determine whether she should
run away with Liang Baoshu and be a part of his dangerous life, or
running toward her medicine dream is more important. It was getting
harder and harder each day for Yanyan to decide, since her...

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