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A Formal Analysis Of The Famous Ut Austin Tower And Main Building. (Excellent For Art History Classes. Guaranteed).

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Initially, there was competition amongst architects to rebuild the old building. A mannamed Frederick was its first architect. As the need for the building to be recognized andknown grew, so did the need for a recognized architect. Hence, an architect namedGilbert who had previously designed the Supreme Court and the monument to commercewas hired. Later, Herbert Greene was hired too. Eventually, in 1920, wealth amassed asthe University became funded by oil. Paul Philippe Cret, who had a history of havingcontributed 19 structures to the world of architecture, was the last and final architectemployed to design the main building and the tower.The University of Texas tower and main building seem to have been builtslightly elevated in comparison to the rest of the campus. An open quadrangle occupiesthe area in front of the main building. This feature is representative of renaissance cities.The open space suggests that large trees or buildings that are too close should notobstruct the view of the building and tower. The designer Paul Cret has also utilized ameticulous axial arrangement; North of the main building is associated with women as ithouses the women's gym and other structures built for the exclusive use of females. Thesouth emphasizes on politics, as an axis of symmetry exists with the Texas State Capitolerected in 1888. The East axis seems to be a nod to nature as one observes grass, openspace and the serenity that comes with both these features (this was prior to the academicbuilding being erected). The West symbolizes commerce as is represented by the busystreet of Guadalupe and the Merchant's exchange building.It is interesting to note that even the statues a distance in front of the main buildingface the South; toward the Texas State Capitol. Some people believe that this wasintentionally done as a mark of nostalgia for confederate history.The building's shape can be reduced to two equal rectangles of the same heightattached as arms or wings to the sides of a larger, fatter rectangle. This creates anarmchair like effect and the areas raised nature only enhances the effect. These two equalrectangles represent what was originally meant to be colonnaded reading rooms. Theirfocus was primarily on education. The larger, fatter rectangle represents the mainbuilding. The tower can be reduced to an extremely tall rectangle, whose shape isimmensely functional; it served to hold stacks and stacks of books. The tower ispositioned directly behind the main building.The type of construction used is a juggernaut of various cultures and styles. This isevident from a variety of components of the building. The rustication on the bottom halfof the building probably serves the function of earing the weight of the building.Rustication is representative of renaissance palaces; associated with rebirth andknowledge. The pilasters support masonry structures and are representative of Greekculture. The colonnaded reading rooms resemble the design of the Parthenon...

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