An Old Memory; By Donald Mackinnon (A Short Story)

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"You've wrecked this family Ray with all your drink and drugs, but your not going to waste any more of what mum, dad and I have!" screamed Chloe
Ray picked up one of his mothers anniversary vases, which she received for 20 years marriage and threw it at Chloe, just missing her. It smashed against the wall. Ray left with a bag containing the first 15 years of his miserable life.

20 years later.

Chloe rolled off the ferry in her car, and into her favourite holiday island Arran. Chloe looked about to see if her boyfriend who she was supposed to be meeting in Brodick was there, but there was no sign of him. She could smell the saltiness of the sea and hear the seagulls calling for food, just as she was about to daze off, her mobile phone rang. Her boyfriends name appeared on the screen,
"Hello daring," said Chloe
"Hi babe, I'm so sorry, I've got to work this weekend, the boss gave me some overtime, I would have phoned you before you took the ferry but I was in a meeting, you'll have to go the holiday without me," said her apologetic boyfriend
"Thanks a lot! I don't have a clue where to go!"
"There's a map with the ticket I think, sorry babe."
Chloe turned off her phone and put it in the cars glove compartment, and headed into Lamlash. Although the campsite was in Lamlash, it was a fair distance away from any shops or pubs.

Once she had arrived, she set up her tent, with difficulty, and lit a small fire to keep away the midges. After that, she sat down and read a book in her tent. Darkness began to fall, so she decided to go and find a pub. She left the campsite and saw a long-narrow lane. She walked along the lane. There were no lampposts along the lane, only the glow from the moon. As she walked along, she felt someone was following her, or looking at her, but she continued on. She walked more and more along the lane and again felt like someone was following her, so she turned around. No one was there. She continued on, she could now see a lamppost at the end of the lane so she walked a little faster and came out of the lane. She looked back, with her heart pounding, but for no real reason. She could see a shadowy-figure hiding behind a tree in the distance, but ignored it and headed for a pub.

She found a pub, the 'Old Port Inn' inside, there was a warm, friendly atmosphere, which Chloe was happy to find. She had a few drinks and a packet of crisps...

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