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I have been lucky to undergo experiential learning in various companies; in 2012, I worked as an intern at a Sunglass company where I was trained on customer relation skills, got a chance to go to China on business trips with my boss, and managed to gain skills in environmental conservation and social communication. In 2013, I again served as an intern in a sunglass exhibition where I got the chance to improve my customer relations and communication skills. The skills I gained through experiential learning will contribute enormously to my success in psychology, which is the course I intend to major in.
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My first major reason for applying for a chance in UW is to get an opportunity to pursue a four-year full degree program. UW is known to offer quality and highly competitive four-year degree programs. Secondly, I would wish to further my education and become a better person in the society. I strongly believe I can realize this goal if I get a chance to pursue my education in UW.
I have had challenges deciding in the major to go for in my college as my interests seem to clash with those of my parents. My parents want me to undertake a major in business course, a program that is a great deviation from my own interest, which is psychology. Since elementary level, I have always wanted to become a psychologist, it interests me a lot. In my former college, my teachers advised me to always go for what interests me so that I would enjoy learning and practicing it. For that reason, I intend to major in psychology at UW.
Although I have not yet fully decided to go for psychology as my major at UW, I really do not see any other equivalent to it. This implies that I am more likely to end up with the major since it is where my interests lie. Currently, I am working on the perquisites to ensure that I land on my major of my interest. If I get a chance to major in psychology, I would like to go for health psychology that will lead me to become a health psychologist.
As it stands now, UW is going to assist me in achieving my career and personal goals. The institution has the resources I need to ensure that I get the best grades in my major. The institution promotes personal and direct contact between students and their professors to ensure that students get assistance whenever they need it. It also has well-stocked library with new-edition books for psychology and other courses that will be helpful to me.
In Taiwan where I come from, students seem to be good listeners, but poor participants in class. This can be attributed to the families they come from where children are always there to be seen, but not heard. I noticed that the culture in Taiwan’s classrooms is quite different from the U.S. scenario where students are allowed to talk freely in the classroom, ask questions, participate actively, and associate directly with their lecturers. I prefer the United States’ culture...

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