An Online Project Report On Care Information On The Web.

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Topic of investigation

The topic which I searched for was Epilepsy. I was searching for this information because Epilepsy has always intrigued me, as I am interested about chemical reactions in the brain and what causes them.

Accessibility of online care information

I found it very easy to find information about this subject online and the majority of information, I feel, was reliable. I found a couple of sites which increased my knowledge about Epilepsy, although I did come across some barriers. When trying to enter some sites; access to some information was not possible unless I was a member. However, I came across a lot of information that was very accessible for carers and service users.

Team discussions

There were four people in our team, and I found it difficult to find days when everyone was available for a chat, so although some information was discussed I felt that it was not quite enough. I did however have some good chats with a couple of the members in our team, one of whom suggested some good websites which I found very interesting and I thought that this the was the most useful thing that we discussed. Another obstacle that I came across was people having computer trouble all through the project. One minute we would be chatting away and then the next minute they'd be gone because their computer had logged them out.


The only skill I think that is required to do the project would be to know how to surf the internet. It's quite easy and if you know what you are looking for, then there are sites available that provide very useful information. However there are some sites which I do not think are reliable and may portray incorrect information, so it would be a good idea to recognise these sites. They are recognisable by things like not having names or addresses on them, for people to be able to contact them. Having names, addresses and telephone numbers on a site is a good way of telling if a site is a reliable source of information.

Value of the web-search project

The project made an interesting contribution to my course studies because it helped me to find out a little bit about other people and what they were interested in. Also by looking at web sites that other people had found gave me knowledge about different conditions other than epilepsy.

Care information on the web

How significant is the rapid growth of care-related information on the web?

Service users and carers need to know about what services and information are available to them and with the rapid growth of care related...

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