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There is global a problem creeping at the feet of every single one of us. AIDS. AIDS has been a global epidemic for the past few decades now, an epidemic that just can't seem to be stopped. With all of the current knowledge we have about the disease and the ever-increasing technology we have to help combat the epidemic, ignorance still seem to block many people from taking AIDS seriously.We know enough about how the infection is transmitted to protect ourselves from it without resorting to such extremes as mandatory testing, enforced quarantine or total celibacy. However, too few people are ignoring the AIDS message. Perhaps many simply don't like or want to believe what they hear, preferring to think that AIDS "can't happen to them." Experts repeatedly remind us that infective agents do not discriminate, but can infect any and everyone. Like other communicable diseases, AIDS can strike anyone. It is not necessarily confined to a few high-risk groups. We must all protect ourselves from this infection and teach our children about it in time to take effective precautions.Many of us have forgotten about the widespread epidemics, such as the 1917 -1918-influenza pandemic, which killed over 21 million people. Having been lulled into false security by modern antibiotics and vaccines about our ability to conquer infections, many were not prepared to cope with the advent of AIDS in 1981. The arrival of a new and lethal virus caught us off guard. Research suggests that the agent responsible for AIDS probably dates from the 1950s, with a chance infection of humans by a modified Simian virus found in African green monkeys. Whatever its origins, scientists conclude that the disease spread from Africa to the Caribbean and Europe, then to the United States. Current estimates are that 1.5 to 2 million Americans are now probably HIV carriers, with higher numbers in Central Africa and parts of the Caribbean (UNAIDS).The AIDS virus is present in semen and blood and is not highly contagious. Sexual contact and sharing IV drug needles and syringes is often the main method of transmitting it. The virus can also be passed from a woman to her fetus or newborn child. AIDS is becoming a global epidemic for there has been AIDS cases reported around the world, in such places as the Caribbean, Southeast Asia, Southeast Mediterranean, and Oceania. AIDS has no geographical boundaries; this disease has been likened to the Black Plaque that destroyed Europe during the middle ages.AIDS has already...

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