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An Open Door Essay

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One after the other, four middle aged housewives stepped into the tiny home off the corner of Walnut and Prairie Trail. They were greeted by Celeste, who was most excited to hold one of their meetings in her home for the first time. She led them into her dining room and offered one of her famous ginger cocktails. The house was small but quaint, it was well decorated for its time and because Celeste was a homemaker, it was tidy. Her husband, Jack, sat in his beat up lime green recliner watching the Chicago White Sox play the Detroit Tigers. He didn’t care for these women as they frequently gossiped which lead to trouble in the small town, but Celeste was very intent about hosting a ...view middle of the document...

Though Mary Lou loved her sister very much she was plagued with regret by the fact that she never got a chance to say goodbye.
Across from Mary Lou sat Rose Moretti. She was known as the “tough cookie” around River Glenn, not just because of her sharp Italian tongue, but because she raised six boys who were all at least one year apart. Her husband, Vinnie, worked full time at the saw mill and evenings at his brother’s pizzeria. Because he was never around, Rose mostly considered herself a one woman show. So on Thursday nights when Vinnie was at home spending time with their boys, Rose could unwind and have some “girl time.”
Before Mrs. Pritch could clear her throat to begin, Bruce, Celeste’s four year old son, came running into the room shouting, “Daddy! Daddy! Come play with me!”
“JACK!” Celeste screamed, “Turn that off and go in the other room, we need it quiet! And put Bruce to bed!”
Jack rolled his eyes and followed his wife’s directions.
With the boys out of the room, Celeste hurried over to the china hutch, pulled out several candles and arranged them around the room. Mrs. Pritch pulled a wooden block from her black velvet bag. She began to unfold this block into a full length board that extended from one end of table to the other. Letters and numbers were painted in a beautiful script across the board along with the words, YES and No in opposite corners. Celeste grabbed a large wine glass and placed it upside down on the board. As she took her seat the women became silent and waited for the head of their group to speak. Mrs. Pritch raised her flabby arms in the air and began to snap her fingers in a steady rhythm. She swayed her arms from left to right while chanting. The other women followed her lead and after a moment she began to moan… “Ohhhh-oh. Ohhh-oh.” The rest of the housewives repeated her chant and soon they were all in sync. Each woman kept her eyes closed and focused on the energy between them. The chanting went on for several minutes.
“I feel the vibrations,” Mrs. Pritch said. “Spirits, oh spirits! Come to us, answer our questions from the other side.”
Down the hall, Jack muttered under his breath and closed the bedroom door.
“Those damn loons,” he said, and turned the volume up on the television to drown out bothersome noise.
“Mary Lou,” Mrs. Pritch whispered, “I can feel the spirit of your sister here with us…” Across the table, Mary Lou watched in awe as Mrs. Pritch channeled her sister from the other side.
“Place your hands on the glass ladies. Delores? Have you come to speak with us? What is it you wish to say?”
One by one each woman placed her index and middle finger on the base of the wine glass. The room became eerie with silence. The air began to swell and became so thick it made it hard to breathe. A moment passed and with one eyebrow arched in suspicion Mrs. Pritch cleared her throat.
“I’ll ask again, Delor…” and with extreme force the glass shot out from under the women’s fingertips and onto the word...

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