An Open Invitation To Delroy's World

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An Open Invitation to Delroy’s World
Delroy grew up in Brooklyn, New York in the nineteen sixties and is an automotive technician by trade. He is a successful owner and operator of an auto repair business in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. In addition to that, he is a self-taught musician and singer whose forte is playing the bass guitar. The door to his music sanctuary is usually closed to everyone, but me and the members of his band. However, today he has chosen to extend an open invitation to anyone who would like to explore his world of music.
This is the second largest room in Delroy’s house and serves as his retreat for peace and tranquility, especially after a hard day’s work. It is adorned with a variety of music paraphernalia and musical instruments, not to mention the vivid colors and beautiful artwork which gives the room a certain flair that will leave a pleasant taste in anybody’s mouth.
The aroma of Kenneth Cole “Black” permeates the air as the mahogany door to this beige, hexagon-shaped, room is opened. On the wall facing the door is a large, vibrant twelve feet by twelve feet painting of a black bass clef against splashes of yellow, blue, and orange. The surrounding structure is made of wood and brass and compliments the beauty of its content. Music paraphernalia adorn the walls of his music room. These include pictures of few of Delroy’s favorite musicians such as James Jameson, The Moments, and Bob Marley. The opened bay windows on the left and right of the painting face the street, and the sunlight coming through them adds luster and shine to everything in the room. Royal blue, sheer window curtains sway to the breeze as if dancing to the music that is being played in the background on his Sony stereo. A small refreshment table with two bottles of Fiji water, is at the right of a small brass and brown micro fiber day bed which seem to hold a permanent spot under the painting. If one is offered a seat, this is where he or she would sit. Delroy usually sits here to watch his instructional music DVDs and regular television programs on his black forty-two inch plasma television. The television resides on the wall to the right of the door, facing the day bed, and below it is a small desk with a laptop that is always playing music videos from You Tube. On the opposite side of the room in the corner by the left bay window, is a black, six feet tall, tempered glass and wood curio cabinet that houses hundreds of music CDs and DVDs as well as music books. A shiny, metal-coated harmonica that Delroy has owned since he...

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