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Hilary Rodham Clinton has had a great influence on me. She went through a toughsituation in the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal and came out on top. Her winning the election forsenator in New York was a great victory for her, and also for me. Her accomplishments showedme that a person can do anything, no matter how tough their life has been. More importantly, herpolitical views are everything I believe in. Her stands on civil rights, education and family andchildren really speak to me. She wants to end hate crimes and focus on making sure women aretreated just as equal as men. In education, she wants to create more after-school programs to helpkids stay off the street. These programs can shorten the number of kids who enter street gangs.Lastly, Clinton believes families and children should be more important in the government. Thegovernment does not have to show emotion toward every needy family, but it should financiallyhelp them.Civil rights today apply to everyone, but women and homosexuals are not as protected asmuch as men are. There has not been one woman president in all of our 43 presidents. Also, thereis a majority of men in our federal and state legislatures and judicial departments. Homosexuals donot get domestic partnership benefits. Also, military service should be based on conduct, not onsexual orientation. Hilary Clinton believes that women and gays should have equal opportunities.In our nation, women can run for president, but people would not vote for her simply because sheis a female. Also, not many organizations would fund her campaign, so her presidential careerwould end before it even started. I have always been...

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