An Opinionated Look Into The Facts And Fallacies Of Evolution, From A Christian Perspective. 11 Pages

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Evolution: The Facts and the FallaciesDeep within the isolated region of the dense, insect infested African jungle, a loathsome, four-legged creature, otherwise known as an ape, walks around his domain diligently seeking for food that his family might eat. Nearly two billion years later, that same creature, now a Homo habilis, occasionally alternates between the obvious four-legged fashion of walking and the two-legged mode and repeats the same action as the two billion years prior. Another million years, or so, the modern man, commonly known as a Homo Sapien, evolves, walking bipedal without any hesitation, preparing his dinner over an open fire. This is one of the many false, but accepted causes of the existence and evolution of life. For centuries man has pondered the very cause of the existence of life, and for centuries there has been no conclusive evidence from the theories. The many concepts of evolution have been extremely vague and entirely unprovable given the engulfing amount of scientific research and the conclusions it proves. Despite the opposition from society and evolutionary institutions, evidence is rising that proves evolution isn't as true as it was once thought.The epic proposals and evolutionary mechanisms begin with Lamarckism, "the theory of inheritance of acquired characteristics" (Huse 148). This theory, proposed by Jean-Baptiste de Lamarck (1744-1829), states that if a certain physical characteristic is not being used then evolution will eliminate its existence. However, if the characteristic is being used, then it will become more advanced as evolution proceeds (Huse 88). This theory first introduced the idea of organic evolution. This has been proven false, however, because these alterations can only be completed by surgically altering the DNA strands in one's genes, also know as genetic engineering, and, thus, passed on to the offspring (Huse 88).Another interesting, but questionable, theory is that of Charles Darwin, called Darwinism; first introduced in 1859. From his studies on the voyages of the H.M.S. Beagle, Darwin concluded this theory of natural selection, also known as "survival of the fittest", that organisms are in constant struggle for survival, in that competition was great among the acquisition of food, shelter, etc. (Huse 89; Darwin 23). The organisms that contain the more advantageous characteristics will be more successful and thus produce better offspring. This theory, now rejected by scientists, only states natural selection as being the survival of the fittest and not the arrival of the fittest. Even Darwin, himself, upon reflecting his work near the end of his life confessed:I was a young man with unformed ideas. I threw out queries, suggestions, wondering all the time over everything; and to my astonishment the ideas took like wildfire. People made a religion out of them (Federer 199).Archaeology has remained a helpful contribution to the evolutionary concepts of human origins, through the...

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