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Imagine for a moment living for nine months anticipating the life of your new baby, and at the same time being faced with your own mortality everyday because you are living with AIDS. This horrific scenario is a reality for many women in the United States.Quality prenatal health care n this country is a crucial service that every pregnant woman needs and deserves in order to ensure their well-being and that of the developing baby.Unfortunately, it is also a service tainted with social obstacles such as availability and affordability that many women cannot overcome. Pregnant women living with AIDS (Acquired Deficiency Syndrome) have an even greater need for prenatal care but face even greater challenges when it comes to obtaining quality health seeing as most patients are minorities living in poverty. Quality prenatal health care in the United States is definitely lacking for women living with AIDS because of influences such as the feminization of poverty and racism. Quality prenatal care is a service offered by the health care system to ensure healthy development of the baby as it matures in the mother's body. Unfortunately prenatal care can be costly and thus, is not a realistic option for some women due to a lack of insurance or resources. The extent to this problem is very severe for those who do not have access or financial means to prenatal care, when they need it the most. We are one of the only industrialized nations who do not health care coverage for every individual. Ooms and Preister believe that the government must strive to promote the well-being of families (p. 7). Policy makers should care be concerned about his issue because sick, poor, pregnant women are at the mercy of the health care system. Policy makers need to create a friendly and helpful exosystem for these women and the life they carry inside them. Most policies focus on individual family member, but in this case, it would focus on the mother, but indirectly help the chance of a new life entering the World. Prenatal care begins with a visit to a doctor or nurse midwife to confirm pregnancy, and is then a series of short visits. Most often doctor's or nurse midwives will evaluate a woman's blood pressure, urine and her weight gain (Sloane, 1993, p. 383).Prenatal screening such as ultrasounds, and amniocentesis can also be done to check the status of the baby's actual physical health but his can often be very expensive and not covered under insurance. The visits should be made at least once a month until the woman is 36 weeks pregnant to make sure that all is progressing normally. Having regular medical examinations during pregnancy is the best predictor of a smooth pregnancy and delivery, and giving birth to a health baby.When a woman is pregnant and also has AIDS, prenatal care changes in that there often involves a more intense medical watch on the woman to maintain her fragile health, and also numerous medical interventions to protect the baby from the disease. This...

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