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An Original Play That Is A Take Off On Peter Pan By J.M. Barrie

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Wendy:runaway girl with lots of family problems SarahPete: Wendy's cousin who houses runaways AlexWill:Wendy's 5 year old brother JackoTravis:Wendy's 8 year old brother ChadMom:Wendy's abused motherLaurenRed:Wendy's abusive step-fatherAnthonyMichelle:Wendy's good friendHelenaTina:Pete's ex-girlfriend who helps him around the houseAudreyMr. Hook:worker from the CPA who dislikes PeteHectorRachel:runaway at Pete's houseCarol:runaway at Pete's houseAdam:runaway at Pete's houseSarah:runaway at Pete's houseJackie:runaway at Pete's houseACT 1:Wendy and Michelle walking up to Wendy's house.Michelle:How are you dealing with all you family problems?Wendy:What family problems?Michelle:Your parent's divorce.Wendy:How did you find out about that?Michelle:Well, Suzy told me.Wendy:What?! That was a secret! Best friends aren't supposed to tell secrets. I can't believe she would do that to me, after all we've been through?Michelle:Well, during our book discussion in English, she told the whole class.Wendy:She promised not to tell anyone. Now the whole school will know by tomorrow. I thought she was a better friend. I thought she could keep a secret. You know what? Screw her! I just can't deal with this right now.Michelle:I'm really sorry about everything. I'll talk to you later.(Wendy walks into house)Red:(Laying on a couch watching TV with a beer and a pile of empty cans next to him) What is this? It came in the mail today. It says you are failing three core classes.Wendy:Umm... OK?Red:(Grabs Wendy's wrist) You need to care more about school. We don't want you slacking off your junior year. Don't you want to get into a good college?Wendy:Why should you care? You're just my drunk step-dad. And, what do you know about a good college? You didn't even go to one.Red:(Slaps Wendy) You little brat!Mom:Hey honey! How was school? (Stops and examines the situation) What's going on here?Wendy:Why don't you ask your stupid drunk husband?!Mom:I don't appreciate you talking to Red like that. He's still you father.Wendy:He's so drunk that he probably won't remember any of this by tomorrow morning. Just like he doesn't remember when he hits you. And, why are you standing up for him now that you are getting a divorce. (Turns to walk away, but stops) Oh... and by the way, Red is not my father! Never was, never will be! (Storms off)LATER THAT NIGHT: Wendy, Will and Travis walk quietly into the living room about to leave.Wendy:OK. You guys ready to start the game? Go into the kitchen and get all the food you want, and I'll find the car keys. But first let me tell you the rules. It's like mommy's game that we play when Red is drunk and hits you. You have to be very quiet. If you hear anybody walking down the stairs, run and hide.Will:I'm sleepy. Can't I go back to bed?Travis:Come on, wuss! Are you too scared to play the game?Will:No! Of course not!(Will and Travis run off stage)Wendy:(Searches for the car keys, finds them and yells) Boys, come back! I found the keys.Will:OK! We got...

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