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An Outline For Conflict Analyses

990 words - 4 pages


A. Conflicts happen because two parties don’t agree on a point
B. This usually ends up in fights about what each other did wrong
C. Blaming and name calling
D. Thesis Statement: Being able to live in harmony with those who have ill will against others is the way all people should live.

The Conflict

A. Let friends stay the night without talking to roommates
B. Both roommates felt like I had broken their trust
C. All of the roommates began ti fight
D. Ended with one roommate moving out

Body Paragraph I

A. sharing an apartment with three roommates can be nerve racking, but most of the time they are able to get along
B. When one has roommates they must learn to share things and spaces. Above all they must be respectful of each other.
C. “While studying the factors that affect our ability to stay compassionate, I was struck by the crucial role of language and our use of words. I have since identified a specific approach to communicating, speaking and listening that leads us to give from the heart, connecting us with ourselves and each other in a way that allows our natural compassion to flourish.” (Rosenberg, 2003).
D. Rosenberg suggests that one should approach a conflict compassionately.

Body Paragraph II

A. One of the roommates didn’t want to enter a lease with the others, but he felt that it would help them so he did.
B. The roommates had their own agendas as to why they wanted to room together.
C. This is an example of a topic goal.
D. “One kind of life altering communication is the use of moralistic judgments that imply wrongness and badness on the part of people who do not act in harmony with our values. Such judgments are reflected in language such as, “the problem is that you’re too selfish.” “She’s lazy.” “It’s inappropriate.” Blame, insults, criticism are all forms of judgment.” (Rosenberg, 2003).
E. Here Rosenberg is communicating that when one lives with others, for example, in a roommate situation, they should avoid using this type of language to reduce the chances of conflict.

Body Paragraph III

A. When one has more than two people living under one roof, they have to handle things politically.
B. If they allow it, the others will over run them. This will cause conflict in the group, and relationships will be lost.
C. One must consider what these people mean to them and how they will act around them.
D. Relationship goals according to Hocker and Wilmot “Differing relational goals lead people into conflict just as differing topics do. People often experience deep disagreement about the question of who they are to each other.” (Hocker and Wilmot, 2014).
E. With roommates, their always comes a time when you have conflict, in these time is when one needs to review their relationship to these people in hopes or rectifying the situation or taking themselves out of it.


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