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An Outlook On Suicide Essay

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Most people who are suicidal aren't doing it to get the last laugh, or to make people feel bad. It is because their coping resources are outweighed by the needless shit they have to slog through on a daily basis.And what do depressed and suicidal people do when this shit happens to them? They hold it inside. Father molested you? Don't tell a soul, you don't want people worrying. Boyfriends/girlfriends treat you like shit every day of your life? Hold it in, you don't want their feelings to be hurt. Parents yell at you and beat you for the slightest offense? Go along with it, you don't want to hurt anybody by rebelling.I've noticed so many people on this wonderful planet, saying things like they wish they weren't going home for the holidays because they don't want to get caught up in their parent's BS or chaos.But they go anyway. They put on the fake face of happiness, and suffer through a few days of being treated like animals so they can preserve the feelings of those around them.And it builds every day. Every little insult, every memory of childhood trauma, every time you were put down, beaten and used by those around you threatens to obliterate the tiny glass jar in your heart that is brimming with hate and sadness. Waiting for that final day when it will just explode and leave your insides a shattered, cut up mess.Suicide isn't another selfish act in a long line of selfish acts on that person's part. In fact, one could...

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1976 words - 8 pages that, in general, suicidal teenagers come from families characterized by disorganizations, parental disharmony, cruelty, abandonment, dependency and delinquency (Finch 22).The environment at home sets the mind-set and outlook on life for teenagers. In addition, teen suicide affects different cultures around the United States. Cultural factors play a significant role in the frequency of suicide in teens. From childhood, a person learns to adapt to

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1686 words - 7 pages has an effect on the people. According to Sarah Yang (2000) and Alvarez (1971), divorcees, widows and single are more liable to commit suicide than married people. Therefore, I believe that marriage protects people from suicide. Also, losing a dear person such as one of the parents or a valuable friend or a famous person like a singer or actor considered from the social reasons for suicide. Moreover, criminals especially in the bribe crime, crimes


526 words - 3 pages every life is worth saving and worth living. Suicide isn't the answer. Hell, it shouldn't even be a question. The question should be where can I get help for my problems and learn to cope with my pain. The quality of your life depends on you and on your outlook. I think I have a wonderful life, I know when to ask for help and I know what I am capable of. When I have to face something difficult in my life I deal with it as best as I can and move

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1035 words - 5 pages compared to others and easy to stick in negative thinking of youths would drive them to higher risk of suicide. On the other hand, the youth does not have an independent financial source. Most of them are getting money from their parents or student loans. In the situation, youths are still at the point in life where their consumption exceeds their net income (Cutler et al., 2001). Thus, youths are struggling to fulfill their needs and want. Insufficient

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806 words - 3 pages the profile of a typical suicide bomber: 1.     97% of the suicide bombers have an academic education and an additional 28% have at least a high school education. 2.     83% of suicide bombers are single. 3.     64% of the suicide bombers are between the ages 18-23; most of the rest are under 30 years of age, and 4.     68% of the suicide bombers have come from the Gaza Strip. ( Suicide bombers carry explosives on

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3578 words - 14 pages Jeanette Hall once had the desire to die; a desire so strong, she even asked her doctor for help. Jeanette lives in Oregon, where assisted suicide is legal. On July 17, 2000, Jeanette was rushed to the Portland hospital only to be given a maximum time of survival: six months. She had been diagnosed with an inoperable form of colon cancer. Jeanette had a fear of losing her job, not being able to care for her loved ones, paying hospital

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2175 words - 9 pages difficulties and unfamiliarity, it is particularly questionable to what could have been the pivotal factor in Cecilia not wanting to continue on into her adolescence. Being under fourteen years old, an age group with only a .5 suicide rate, which is extremely lower compared to the next highest rate of 10.5 for those fifteen to twenty four years old, Cecilia’s suicide is rare and would be completely unexpected, that is before her initial attempt. Besides

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1294 words - 6 pages that the person is not there anymore and they feel loss. This is an effect on the parents. Finally, teens also feel suicidal. According to Kathryn Doyle from the Chicago Tribune, Of many young adults think about suicide. From 12-13 year olds about adults 15 % of them think of taking their lives. ( “Schoolmates of suicide victims at higher risk." By Kathryn Doyle) These teens commit suicide because they feel loss and

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1650 words - 7 pages therapies like feeding tubes and dialysis, in creating a lower quality of life characterized by an agonizingly prolonged and costly dying (Martin 54). This phenomenon has made physician-assisted suicide a highly relevant and compelling issue today. But, while some defend physician-assisted suicide as a form of medical autonomy for the terminally ill, others contend that such voluntary euthanasia is too extreme a solution for most situations and

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724 words - 3 pages Correlation Between Drug Use and Suicide      America's on-going drug abuse epidemic continues into this millenium, and there are many social problems linked to drug use, including suicide. The disparity of daily life in suburbs or the inner cities are why many people have fallen into their reliance on drugs, including alcohol. Patros and Shamoo (1989) describe the abuse of drugs and alcohol as a 'slow form of suicide.' But many drug

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303 words - 2 pages suicide would be a form of punishment. In addition, I learned that the ritual suicide was different for the females and the males. The females would commit ritual suicide by cutting the major arteries in their necks and the males would stab themselves in the abdomen. Something that stood out to me was an example/ reason for suicide which was, if a man cheated on his wife him and his wife would have to commit suicide. I felt like that was unfair

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1202 words - 5 pages and the involuntary euthanasia. Active euthanasia can be described as causing death to a person by use of direct actions as requested by them. Physician assisted suicide on the other hand refers to the practice of supplying information to the patient from the physician. For instance, a physician may offer an overdose prescription to patients. The killing of a person without their consent refers to involuntary euthanasia. This is commonly done to

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1014 words - 4 pages or times of frantic energy, referred to as mania. These opposite phases can alter judgment and outlook on life. Therefore, it can be challenging to maintain perspective and avoid self-mutilating behavior. Also, schizophrenia is another complicated disease that distorts perceptions of reality. Four to ten percent of people with schizophrenic disorders commit suicide. (Reiss) It primarily affects younger people and involves both visual and