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An Overdose Of Happiness Essay

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Brandy Ban, 21, is an outgoing and hardworking individual who spends most of her time in a small hospital office as an assistant, scheduling appointments for patients. Brandy’s long glossy black hair and tan-skinned complexion captures the attention of others quite easily. Brandy takes Zoloft each morning, helping her get through the day. Always clever and carefully quick to make decisions regarding her own benefits; the outcomes left a feeling of satisfaction that she ended up craving. No matter what Brandy did or said, she wasn’t the happy woman she once was. The party scene became her life, taking a turn that no family member or friend had expected.
Brandy is inside the house speaking with boyfriend Shane on the telephone, not too long after finishing her second shift work. She informs Shane that she is attending a party around 11:30 and that she will call him as soon as she returns home. Later at the party, sitting, enjoying alcohol-beverage drinks with close friends, she unzips her sparkly white purse grabbing a dandy plastic bottle she never forgets, pouring out Xanax bars and taking them by mouth, chugging them down with the Corona Extra. Ingesting the non-prescribed Xanax tricked Brandy into not caring about her actions, she was entirely emotionless. That same morning, she had received many text messages from Shane that were left unanswered. Laying on the hospital bed, her tear strained face looked right at the window covered in rain drops. The mixed lingering taste of alcohol and high intake of Xanax in her mouth was a reminder of her failed suicide attempt.
Dr. Hans walks into the room and asks Brandy “How are you doing?” She silently stares at him. “You know when I was in my early 20s, I took a number of antidepressants for my anxiety, which in fact had little to no effect. Speaking to a therapist and exercising regularly saved me from going off the wagon” he said. “A major 2006 U.S. government study showed that fewer than 50 percent of people become symptom-free on antidepressants, even after trying two different medications.” Brandy eagerly listening, responded to Dr. Hans telling him she wanted another way out such as his, “Can you recommend a therapist I can schedule an appointment with? I also promise to exercise and use self-help strategies.” Dr. Hans happily wrote down the name and phone number of a loving therapist and tore it out of his yellow notepad. He told Brandy if she needed anything at all, he would be right down the hall. “I can sense you are a strong independent person and I am certainly positive you will get through this problem,” he said.
After an hour of watching her favorite television show House, Shane had worriedly rushed through the door. As he had seen Brandy laying there with a smile on her face, he was relieved that she was okay and gave her a hug. He was eager to ask questions but Brandy told him “Everything will be all right.” A month later, she had started seeing the Therapist...

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