An Overestimation Of Film Music Essay

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Nowadays, several films are released in a day. In that movie, music always attaches in movies. Sometimes, music which is inserted to a specific scene is more popular than the movie. Music is inseparable from movies. If music does not exist in a movie, it might be monotonous. After a movie finished, people say. “What comes to mind now, music has just been inserted into the climax scene!” In general, music is effectively used to reveal overall atmosphere of the film or emotions of characters. In this regard, music tends to be overestimated in movies. Some people blindly believe that music must reveal all aspects in a movie. If music is not inserted to movie, most people think that it will flop at the box office. In spite of many functions of music in movies, however, it is not a certain genre in a musical world. Music is more than a simple means of delivering such elements. Moreover, Music that is inserted into films; it is just a mere ‘film music’, it cannot be recognized as a genre with new properties. Music in movies should not destroy the essence of music.
Is inserted into the film, the music is just a mere ' music ' is inserted, it is recognized as a genre with new properties, it is a quantum leap. The essence of the music in the movie should do.
First of all, music is more than only means to convey what producers want to show audiences. Music is simply a method of maximize mood of movies. For instance, in the end of ‘The Godfather part 3’, these scenes exhibited signs of regret and sorrow of main character. The audience, who watches the movie, sympathizes with him already. Music can make them more sadly. 'Immortal beloved' can be another example. Masterpieces of Beethoven reveal his love effectively, but it might be enough to express his sincere heart by using facial expressions or showing behavior without any music. Music does not evoke era of time period. Besides, music does not support leitmotif of movies. According to what is described from Random House Kernerman Webster’s College Dictionary, Leitmotif is a motif or theme associated throughout a drama with a particular scene. When music is played in a specific scene, people can remind the previous scene easily. However, it can be possible to stick in the memory of audience without music. What audiences can be aware of an era or recurring scene is a set of movie such as items, clothes, and character's accent. The most important factor is repeated action of...

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