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An Overpriced Future Essay

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​What if we lived in a world where the price of education was so high that only the rich and powerful could afford? I know it's hard to believe, but that is what the world is coming to. We truly live in a society where the rich get richer and the poorer get poorer. As the rich pay for their kids to go to college, the poor try and find a low paying job to keep themselves afloat. The cost for college is so high that it's becoming unbearable for middle and lower class families to afford. Colleges are locking people out because of the people economic status. Many important people are pushing to make college less money so that less fortunate kids can receive an education. An education that is in ...view middle of the document...

If colleges continue to expect students to take on a mortgage payment worth of debt to secure a degree, it is entirely possible that college won't be an option for the American middle class in a generation. Given the necessity of a college education to getting a good job, the result could turn this country from a nation dominated by a strong, thriving majority middle class to a third world economic model.

​If a kid is not able to go to college at all, his life after high school could forever be ruined. Americans need a well paying job to start a family and move on in life. If colleges were to lower the cost, more people would be off the streets and offices, working to support families.

​The College Board’s latest Annual Survey of Colleges - also released this week - shows that average in-state tuition and fees at four-year public colleges increased 8.3 percent over the past year. In 10 years, tuition at public four-year universities has more than doubled. At the average private four-year institution, tuition, room and board, books, transportation and other expenses total $42,224 a year. That’s about equal to the declining median family income.

​If the price...

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