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An Overview Of Direct Response Marketing

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Direct response marketing is a marketing effort aimed at driving immediate action from specific action from the targeted audience. Such action could be an opt-in mail, calling to a provided phone number, clicking a link or buy the suggested product. It differs from mass market which simply reminds prospective customers of the existence of products and services for them to purchase. It runs on the idea that the more times clients see a particular ad, the more they are likely to buy. Direct response marketing on the other hand, targets a particular segment in the market and attempts to move the clients to act immediately
Characteristics of direct response marketing.
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• There is call for action. There are specific steps that the prospective client is told to take regarding the advertisement. It also provides the marketers with a way to capture prospect information. The response steps provided are very easy to follow. For example, one could be asked to give their phone number or email address in order to get an eBook. With that information, marketers can contact the prospect beyond initial contact.
• Soft sell tactics are employed. There is always valuable information that is passed to the client in exchange for capturing the prospects details. The information offers a solution to the customer’s problem. In addition, there is an irresistible offer that comes with the action that the marketer needs the prospect to take. Other follow-up strategies via other media such as email and social media are added up. The client is asked to take action within a specified period of time.
Likely challenges encountered
The likelihood of achieving success from the marketing effort depends on the ability to get quality leads. Thus there are several things that must be done right to achieve this. Here is a list of challenges involved.
• The marketers must target the right market segment. This segment must be willing and able to buy the service that is being offered. Poor targeting ends up with prospects that are either not interested or do not have the capability to pay for the service.
• The offer must also be appealing to the clients. If the client does not see the urgency to act’ now’, then the campaign loses its set goals.
• The timing of direct response marketing efforts must be at a time when the clients are most likely to respond. This depends on whether the solution offered solves an urgent problem or it is able to create urgency for the prospects to act.
• Marketers must come up with persuasive and creative adverts to create customer attention.
• The direct response marketing effort must be delivered in the right medium or media. The choice of media chosen has a strong impact on the expected response. For example, it is hard to...

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