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An Overview Of Snoring Essay

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It’s raining. It’s pouring.
The old man is snoring.
He went to bed. Bumped his head
And couldn’t get up in the morning.

So says the old and well-known Mother Goose nursery rhyme. Maybe it’s just me, but Mother Goose rhymes always seemed to have a sinister side to them. I mean – the old man went to bed and then bumped his head? (And bumped it so hard that he couldn’t get up in the morning?) It seems more likely that his wife had finally had enough of the years of sleepless nights and chose this opportune time to conk him on the noggin with the frying pan she so conveniently brought to bed with her!

People who live with someone who snores can relate to this. Living with a snorer or being a ...view middle of the document...

About 45% of all adults snore on an occasional basis. One out of every four adults snores practically every time they fall asleep. The ratio between men and women is about two to one, with more men snoring than women. Although women seem to catch up to men once they reach menopause.

The medical term for snoring is called stertor and eliminating someone’s snoring problem has become a very big business. There are over 300 devices, pills, tonics and sprays that have been patented and all claim to solve the problem. Many of the contraptions are obvious scams and later in this report we will attempt to wade through and evaluate many of them and try to separate the good from the bad.

Even though snoring can be very embarrassing it is good to know that you are not alone. There are some very famous and powerful people who were also very loud snorers. William Taft, Abraham Lincoln, Grover Cleveland and Franklin Roosevelt were just four of the presidents who were notorious for disturbing the peace every night in the White House. Britain’s Prime Minister Winston Churchill and Queen Victoria were known to “saw some logs” as well – although not together! Prince Charles has had his snoring tape-recorded and played back to him just to prove that even royalty can sound like a buzzsaw.

There was even reporting in the Sun gossip magazine that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes sleep in separate wings of their home because of Tom’s loud snoring – (I’m sure that’s the real reason). And snoring may be the real cause of Elizabeth Taylor’s many divorces. And finally, Regis Philbin and Howard Stern are two other celebrities whose wives complain of their boisterous snoring.

If you are someone who has been told that your snoring is loud enough to wake the neighbors, it is probably nowhere near the world record for the loudest snoring. Let me set the stage: The unit that measures sound is called a decibel. A whisper measures at about 20 decibels while any noise over 80 decibels is considered to be damaging to your hearing. A sound of 120 decibels or more is actually physically painful to your ears. Keep that in mind when I tell you that a man from England has been observed. And his snoring measures in at a whopping 112.8 decibels! That’s louder than a jet engine! Aren’t you glad you don’t live in his neighborhood?

Later in the report we will find out more about this man and what product he now uses and endorses that has completely stopped his snoring. Even his wife and his neighbors attest to the effectiveness of the product.

On the other hand, sometimes being a loud snorer can also come in handy. A major hotel chain wanted to promote how soundproof their guestrooms were and invited 10 loud snorers and their spouses to stay the night in rooms next to other guests. It was a great publicity stunt and everyone reported a quiet night’s sleep. Everyone, that is, except the spouses!

Before we can look at solving the problem of snoring, we need to understand how those sounds...

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