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An Unborn Child Is Still A L Ife

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Times change more and more as the clock continues to tick. As the times change so do the standards for young people and pregnancy. Not just young people, but people of all ages are condoning pregnancy as the beginning of a life form, as just an easy way out of the responsibility through abortion. The standards and ethical values have diminished and almost disappeared. Some couples would resort to marriage, and others wouldn't even consider sex unless marriage. Society has become more liberal, and have a wider range of acceptance. In the twenty first century there have been more teenage pregnancies, and pregnancies before marriage, but still today's society seems to accept this as an average occurrence. Since times have changed; and abortions have been legalized, we must ask whether or not abortions are ethical or morally right.Is the fetus of an unborn child still a life or a person? In my opinion, a fetus is just the beginning of a brand new life, and just because it hasn't left the womb of the mother doesn't mean that it isn't alive. Pro choice means to support the choice of the woman, and her right to decide to abort an unborn life ("" pg1). This is America; this is the land of the free, and I do support freedom and the right to choose. The conflict of this choice is that it sometimes takes the life of an unborn child. Some people can't seem to grasp the importance of life, and the importance of their life too. I believe if you cherish the importance of your life, than why can't there be respect and laws protecting an unborn life. Being responsible for the actions of your part is the biggest part of my argument. If the life you cherish as your own can't handle the new responsibility of a new life and will put a damper on the happiness of your life, then that should have been thought about before sex.An abortion ends a pregnancy before it takes place. When the fetus or embryo dies within the uterus and is expelled by the body it is called a spontaneous abortion. After twenty weeks of pregnancy this would also be called a miscarriage. When this is done voluntarily though, then that is an abortion. About eighty percent of most abortions are conducted within the first trimester or the first three months. There are three types of abortions: The first two are done within the first three months, which are medical and surgical abortions. Medical abortions don't require surgery, and are performed by a combination of medications to be placed in the uterus. Surgical abortions are performed about ten weeks after pregnancy and are performed by dilation of the cervix, where a syringe is placed in the uterus and the fetus is emptied through the syringe. Abortions after the first trimester or after the fetus has been formed noticeably is done through D and E (Dilation and Evacuation) and induction. The first is performed by what is called absorbent dilators being placed in the cervix where they remain for hours or overnight. Then, after the...

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