An Uncertain Reality Essay

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When faced with uncertainty, individuals may attempt to live in a false reality in order to protect themselves but will eventually fall into their own inevitable downfall. Although every person deals with their own inner conflicts, some people are confronted with constant hardship beyond their control. As much as they can attempt to shield themselves, their reality will eventually catch up to them, resulting in their personal annihilation. In the play, A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams, the truth about the character Blanche Dubois is unveiled as she moves to New Orleans to live with her sister Stella, and brother in-law, Stanley Kowalski. Following the sudden suicide of her husband, Blanche struggles with guilt and ultimately blames herself for his death. With that, Blanche enters a promiscuous whirlwind in which she becomes involved with numerous young men, including an affair with her seventeen-year old student which leads to her exile from Laurel. Furthermore, she constantly tries to fill this void while having to attend to costs of incessant loss in her family, adding the loss of Belle Reve to her non-stopping affliction. She craves the affection of a man to take care of her, and thus disguises herself with a fabricated image of purity and perfection in order to obtain her desires. In essence, she exhibits the woman she wishes to be, rather than the woman she actually is. After moving in with her younger sister and her brother in-law, Stanley, it is clear that she is unwanted in their home as Stanley can see through her lies and deceit. Moving forwards, Blanche attempts to seduce Mitch, a man she deems competent enough to care for her. Blanche depicts that by building a facade and living in an imaginary world, she can cope with the harsh truth that is her reality. However, as her true self becomes exposed in the Elysian FIelds, she learns that her uncertain past in inescapable. Her plans ricochet on her, as she ultimately loses touch of reality in her delusional psyche which subsequently results in her downfall as her only remaining family admits her to a mental hospital. Therefore, Tennessee Williams suggests that while individuals may try to armour themselves in a false idea of perfection, they cannot flee their reality forever, and they will consequently find themselves in turmoil if they refuse to face up to the real world.

Initially, Blanche masks herself with an appearance of perfection and youthfulness in order to help her succumb to her troubled past. Following her young husband’s death, she tries to redeem herself by becoming a sexual subject to the many men living in an army base nearby. In her mind, indulging in casual relationships allows Blache to feel needed by many men with a joist of youthful desire. By previously falling in love with a man that did not feel the same for her, she endures a void with her that she choses to fill with sex and lies. Tennessee Williams portrays the idea that individuals...

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