An Underlining Question For American Women

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In his essay, “Saudis in Bikinis,” Nicholas D. Kristof explains his believes that Saudi Arabia is “a bizarre place” (272). He believes that because they choose to stick to their “15th century laws” they are killing their economic development and are sacrificing international respect. He believes that women should be given the choice to follow the laws set by Saudi Arabian government, not forced to. He also believes that because of these laws the women of Saudi Arabia are “repressed” (273). Overall he believes that Saudi Arabian’s traditions, culture and laws are downright “foolish” (273). I believe that Kristof is being culturally insensitive. His overall condensing undertone is downright ...view middle of the document...

It is interpreted that males have to cover themselves from the naval region till the knees. The Qur’an tells that the faithful Muslim women have to protect the private parts of their bodies and should not display any part of the body except that is apparent in it. The idea is to keep all the body parts that represent the beauty of a woman covered when they go outside. Covering up represents respect, protection, chastity, fidelity, modesty, along with religion, culture, and tradition. I believe is a respectful way of protecting the body. I also believe that covering up allows a woman to have more self-respect for herself, because she is not worried about the attention of men or her body, because she is covered. By being covered only she knows what her body looks like. She doesn’t have to walk the streets feeling subconscious about her body image or about what men think about her sexually. I would love to feel like this. I’d love to not constantly think ‘Is this outfit pretty? Will I get noticed? Or ‘How should I wear my hair and makeup?’ It would also be great to not worry about the attention that men are or are not giving me, especially the unwanted attention.
Another Islamic law forbids women drivers. This was shocking to me at first so I asked my two Saudi Arabian friends, Abdullah and Salem about it. Salem explained to me that his country views women as queens; precious creatures that need to be carefully handled to and treated with respect. Then he asks, “Do queens drive themselves around?” Answering by shaking my head no. He continues by saying, “Have you ever seen the Queen of England drive herself? No, she has drivers. That is what we do in Saudi Arabia.” In her interview entitled, “I Pray My Daughter Have a Life like Mine” Karen Elliott asks King Saud University educated Saudi Arabian woman, lulu would she like to drive, she answered, "Why would I want to drive? In Islam it is a man's responsibility to drive his wife and children." I am often afraid of driving; it gives me a lot of anxiety and a bit of road rage, so being chauffeured around to where ever I want sounds pretty legit to me. Salem also told me that back home his sisters would tell him all the time to take them somewhere and he’d have to, no matter what. He even showed me pictures and videos of his family. One photo I noticed was of his sister. I could tell she was in the safety of her home because she wasn’t wearing an abaya. She was in normal clothes, smiling happily and looked like she was living comfortably.
Another aspect of the law is the separation of the sexes in public. Everything from mosques (place of prayer) and work places to the line for food at McDonalds and drinking fountains are segregated. The Qur’an says:

Tell the believing men to lower their gaze and to be mindful of their chastity: this will be most conducive to their purity - (and,) verily, Allah is aware of all that they do. And tell the believing women to lower their gaze and to be mindful of...

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