An Undisclosed Fate Essay

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In life there are many things that happen that lead people to believe that something else will happen soon. A person's destiny is sometimes out of one's control but sometimes it's not. This holds true with many cases such as in movies or even novels. This theme of "An undisclosed fate" is expressed very often in the novel, Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, where three characters, George, Lennie, and Curley's wife have their fate determined from the very beginning.One of the main characters, George, has his fate almost declared right away by this quote that he said. "Well "" look, we're gonna work on a ranch like the one we come from up north." (p. 6) Reading into this quote, one can realize that it is a sort of foreshadowing for George. After reading the entire story, it is apparent that he probably will be a bindle stiff all of his life, moving from ranch to ranch, or just staying at this one. The quote is much more long term then what is thought about on the outside, if thought about on a larger scale it tends to make more sense in the end when everything seems to come together on the subjects of this novel. George's life will probably not amount to anything large because of his responsibility for Lennie. On the other hand, he has his dream that he and Lennie will go off on their own, "An' live off the fatta the lan'," (p. 14) as his best friend Lennie exclaimed about his and George's desired fate. However, this is merely a dream because his destiny is to work at a ranch for the rest of his life. The sad part is, is that his hopes sky rocket when Candy tells them about the stake that he has collected over the time that he has been working at the ranch. His stake is large, and makes George's start thinking about how he can get to his dream ranch. On the other hand though he has to take care of Lennie. This can spoil many things that he could have done without Lennie. But he has to take care of him because if he doesn't, no one will. Lennie is very restrictive with what George can do because of his child like mentality. Just the same as the fact that certain actions that can't be done with a child, also can't be done with Lennie. This almost restricts George's destiny to taking care of Lennie for the rest of his life or Lennie's. The funny part is, is that this fate does come true in the end. And George is, in a sense, released from his obligation with Lennie. But his original destiny probably still won't change. He won't have the heart to go on with the cottage plan after killing Lennie. That would have to take a lot of guts and self-justification on George's part. George has many actions that happen to him and actions that he does effect the fate of the rest of his life.Lennie, a child minded lummox has a fate dealt to him by his simple mind. His destiny is to get the ranch with George and live off the fat of the land and be happy as imaginable. But this seems impossible by the way George is talking to Lennie. The reader first figure's out...

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