An Unforgettable Experience Essay

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Frederick Douglas has rightly said: "If there is no struggle, there is no progress." The life of a person is full of experiences, but sometimes an experience becomes unforgettable for him and changes his life forever. Something like this was happened with me when I was 15-year-old.My parents wanted me to become a doctor while I had interest in engineering. Both my father and mother were doctors and wanted to see their son as their successor. They were very upset because of my lack of interest and bad performance in medical subjects.My parents used every method to develop an interest in me for medical subjects but remained unsuccessful. They used to teach me and spend many hours daily. They tried to find ways to make these subjects a fun for me. Unluckily, none of their techniques worked. No matter how hard I tried, I could not develop an interest for these subjects. I usually found questions of biology as an unpleasant and frustrating struggle. I was doing very well in other subjects, so I began to hate and feel anxious about medical subjects.My parents were really very sad and talked about how they could change my mind. One day I was just outside their bedroom when I heard they were talking about me. My mother was weeping and saying that she had a dream of seeing his son as a doctor. That was the moment which changed my mind. At that time I decided that I would become a doctor. Yes, I wanted to be an engineer, but nothing was important for me than the tears of my mother. Sometimes we do things for other people's wishes.I began taking interest in medical subjects. For me, it was very difficult to get a command on these subjects because I had never taken interest in them. When I was a high school student, I was very weak in biology and till my high school studies I had never got good marks in this subject. It is very difficult to...

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