An Unfortunate Genocide Essay

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In history, humans have experienced several episodes of genocides. Genocides have been one of the worst experiences for humans. Genocides have devastated humans mentally and physically. An example of genocide that devastated lives of millions of people was the Great Leap Forward in China. The Great Leap Forward and Wiesel’s experience in the Night have several similarities and differences. After analyzing the Great Leap Forward, it can be inferred that similar episodes can be prevented in future. The prevention of future episodes similar to the Great Leap Forward can be implemented by setting up a strong system of checks and balances that gives limited authority to all government personnel.
I. Causes
The Great Leap Forward was the result of Mao Zedong’s greed and arrogance. Mao wanted to become the Third World leader by surpassing the Soviet Union’s leader, Nikita Khrushchev (Chong 1016). The communal dining hall system, false grain production reports, bad weather, and backyard furnaces were preventable causes of the Great Leap Forward, but due to Mao’s ignorance, they intensified the suffering. The most lethal cause of the Great Leap Forward was the communal dining hall system. In this system, all peasants were allowed to eat as much food they wanted without any restrictions, which caused unequal distribution of food among people (Luo 2). Additionally, China was so involved in producing metals that it decreased the area of agricultural lands to build backyard furnaces, which caused low grain production (Luo 1). To synergize the situation, drought affected agriculture and caused the collapse of grain production. After all these events, the government still kept its people under false assumption that they have enough food for everyone, which kept farmers from taking any actions (Luo 2). The causes reflect the ignorance of humans. It shows how factors that were preventable were intensified to satisfy one person’s ego and greed.
People can learn many things by studying the causes of genocide. For instance, from the Great Leap Forward, people can learn the importance of agriculture in a country and will ensure that they have high food production. The causes emphasize the importance of a system of checks and balances. When only a handful of people have authority to give orders, it jeopardizes the nation’s people. For example, the system should check the decisions of officials for harmful side effects. The study of causes will allow people to consider factors that will make the checks and balances system efficient. For example, people will include a clause in the system where it assures that officials check the credibility of nation’s food production reports. To learn more, people should also study the effects of genocide.
II. Effects
The effects of the Great Leap Forward were catastrophic. Mao and other government officials realized the amount of metals produced was useless because of its low quality and brittleness. By the time, they realized it...

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