An Unhappy Relationship Between Parents And Children In The Red Ball

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An Unhappy Relationship Between Parents and Children in the Red Ball

Khan conveys how the story, Red Ball shows an unhappy relationship
between the father and Bolan in several ways. Firstly, through the
contrasts of descriptions and the use of language. Secondly, through
use of themes and characterisation. It is very clear that the
relationships in Bolan's family are unhappy.

Khan makes these ideas clear through a variety of techniques. Firstly,
he contrasts the differences between Bolan's house with his bowling
skills in cricket. Bolan's family live in a place like a prison or an
army camp. Bolan's house is described in very negative terms. Bolan
house has a long "tunnelled" gateway, and as Bolan walked to the far
end there is a "deep backyard', there is also a "last barrack room"
close to the "high wall". The description of Bolan's house is full of
darkness. No one will be happy and having freedom in the prisons and
army camp. That is may be one of the reasons why the relationship is
unhappy. On the other hand, Bolan's bowling skill in cricket is
described as very positive term. Firstly, he is "moving along like a
feather", he delivered the "red shooting ball that turned pink as it
raced to the batsman", and the cricket ball "swung high into the air".
His bowling movement is described that he is have freedom and

Secondly, he is described that he is graceful. "His long thin body
arched like a bow". The juxtaposition of these descriptions highlights
the darkness and unhappiness feelings in Bolan's house against the
happiness and graceful that Bolan is having when Bolan is bowling.
That is also shows that he is having fun and freedom out his house
when they are playing cricket, but no in his house.

Secondly, Khan through the uses of language to create an atmosphere
that Bolan is pulls by two different things. Therefore, he uses the
example of a sunset in the Square. As he says, "the sun's rays and the
shadows of the trees in the Woodford Square were playing tug o' war,
both stretched out thin in the evening as they pull upon each other."
You can also think of the sun's rays and the shadows are Bolan's last
house in Tunapuna and the Woodford Square. Therefore, he feels torn of
Tunapuna but he also loves the Square in Port of Spain. Therefore, I
think Bolan will not be very happy of the move from Tunapuna to the
Port of Spain.

Thirdly, the example of how Khan shows the unhappy relationship in the
Bolan's family is through the choice of theme. One such example is
that the crime and punishment that Bolan is having is unfair. When he
goes to the "Market School", he could not hear what the teacher is
saying. "That cost six lashes in the palm for what the teacher called
'day dreaming'." The punishment that Bolan takes is not relevant,
because that are not his...

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