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A Special Day Essay

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A Special DayBeep beep beep... the sound of my alarm clock went off. It was seven o'clock in the morning. I was still very sleepy. I didn't want to wake up yet and was just rolling around in bed. I couldn't go back to sleep now that I'm awake. I was laying in bed planning out my day. Today is a very special day for me and I want everything to be perfect. Today is my sweet 16 Birthday. I'm happy but worry at the same time. I wanted to go to school dress in the prettiest outfit and have the nicest hair-do. I quickly got out of bed and rushed to the bathroom. Someone was in there already. I banged on the door to hurry them up. It was my snotty older sister, who thinks she is so pretty and so popular in high school. She always takes forever in the washroom. It's one of the reasons why I have to get up so early just to get to the bathroom before her. Just my luck for the start of the day. My sister has always been mean to me; she always picks on me and makes fun of me especially in front of her senior friends. Ooh I hate her so much. "Hurry up!" I yelled. Finally the door opened and my sister walked out. She gave me the dirtiest look and rolled her eyes at me as she walked away. I don't let her gets to me any more, not today, not on my birthday. I quickly got in the shower and get ready for a perfect day today.When I went downstairs to go to school with my sister, she had already driven off without me. I was really mad, she was the reason why I'm a little bit late and now she has the nerve to leave without me. So I had to take the bus to school. I don't like where this is heading off. "But that's okay, once I get to school all my friends will shower me with lots and lots of presents", I tried to assured myself. When I got to school, I was hoping that my friends would surprise me with balloons and presents. But when I see them, it looked like they have forgotten about my birthday today. I pretended to ask them questions and hinted them that it was my birthday. But they didn't seem like they were getting it. It was making me mad. "How can my best friends forget about their own best friend's birthday?" I asked myself. This really hurt. I didn't want to say anything and didn't want them to see the tears in my eyes. I walked away quietly to my class. The whole day was ruined for me. First it was my sister now it's my friends. "What's next, what could possibly go wrong now?" I said to myself. I was feeling bum out throughout my classes. I didn't even talk...

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