An Unexpected Gift Essay

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It was an unexpected gift. I leaped with joy when my aunty proposed that she would take me to Thailand for the Christmas holidays. Being the top of my form, my aunty felt that it was essential that we celebrate this momentous moment as I had passed my 'O' levels with flying colours.My aunty worked for a travel agency and consequently it was rather easier to tour around the nooks and carrnies in Thailand. She could get discounts for accommodation in an exotic hotel. Arriving at our destination by plane, we could hardly anticipate what we would be seeing.Wow! I could feel the adrenalin rushing up my body. The crescent-shaped beach was simply amazing. Its golden sand beach was an apple to the eye. The turquoise sky and crystal-clear water were siply hard to resist. Lapping against the rocks, the waves formed serenade music. The coconut trres were waving franctically as if they were welcoming me with red carpet. I laid on the beach with a gorgeous bikinied Thai-girl massaging me, realizing that I was in nine heaven. What could possibly replace this awesome paradise?I stayed at the beach till twilight. As the blazing gold sun melted into the sea, it signaled that it was time to get ready for the Christmas-eve party. I was really unaware that time had gone by mercilessly as I was astounded by the panaromic view.I got back to the hotel in a flash. My stomach was growling with hunger which I found disturbing. I got on to my best suit and took off to the ballroom. Along the way. I was having nostalgia as I missed celebrating Christmas at home. However, this was a once-in-a-lifetime oppurtunity. I would not miss it for the world.Upon reaching the ballroom, the smell of food assailed my nose. I greeted my aunty who was having a lot of fun. After that, I grabbed hold of a few chicken wings to ease my hunger. A feast of scrumptious food was plaed on the table. The atmosphere in the ballroom was intense. Everyone was cheering, gossiping, eating and drinking. I was enjoying myself too. I took a sip of wine to wash the food down my mouth. I didn't realise that I had overindulged until my stomach pot bellied. The feast ended with a dazzlign display of...

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