An Urgent Issue In Our Society Violence Against Women

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The concept of violence might only represent a negative image. It refers to a set of radical human behaviors, for example, perpetrator would use physical force to hurt or kill people on purpose. Besides, the typology of violence in World Health Organization (WHO) has an explicit structure, which comprise physical, psychological, and sexual to families, partners, friends or strangers (). However, in this essay I shall focus on critically analyzing Farkhanda Younis’ story, which could reflect how violence against women as an urgent issue in our society.

On 19 April 2013, a six-year old boy called 999 said he could not assess in his mother’s room because it was locked. After police came ...view middle of the document...

Could not image how much courage Ms Younis has to live with a person who might bring unlimited harm in anytime. Unfortunately, Ms Younis could not escape from this misfortune.

Back to Dobash and Dobash’s violence theory, as they emphasize that violence could be described as a strategy or an intentional behavior, which is for controlling or dominating women. Meanwhile, it is also for showing men’s status in their families (1992, p.248). Although xx points out Dobash and Dobash gave the definition of violence is quite subjective and might belong to radical feminism. Indeed, their theory is quite radical feminism but still show the major social phenomena. There is no doubt that Ms Younis is one victim of thousand or million women who also suffering from domestic violence.

Based on the 2013 national survey of xx census, it shows that there was over 35% women have experienced both physical and sexual violence in the world. Surprisingly, in Australia, United States, Canada, and South Africa that over 70% women have experienced both physical and sexual violence through their husbands or partners in their lifetime and at least 50% of female murder victims by their intimate partners’ violence. In Australia, it was approximately 33% of women have experienced physical violence and 19% of women have experienced sexual violence since they were 15 years old.

In addition, there is over 60% of women have experienced physical assault and 81% of women have experienced sexual assault but did not report to police.

XX points out that these women believed that they might get another round of re-assault or more serious harms if they called police. In addition, psychologists xx emphasizes long-term physical or mental abuse or harm that would have over 80% chance to get mental disorder, such as bipolar depression, mania, neuropathy and so on. Hence, domestic violence only could bring endless pain and suffering to women.

Moreover, Ms Younis’ case might warn people to think why women always playing victims role in the domestic violence. According to psychologists xx, every person has potential violence but because physically different that men would take advantage in domestic violence, such as energy, speed, or physical strength. In other words, domestic violence could be a way to dominate or control women by men. Moreover, females might usually play a more careful, affectionate, or emotional role in the family. Hence, in the men’s subconscious that they might have illusions, which their wives could tolerate everything include personal harm. However, they forgot family is mutual respect and violence could not solve any problems. Thus, based...

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