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An American Tragedy Essay

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Table of Contents3. Book InformationA.TitleB.Number of PagesC.Copyright and Publication4. Author Informationa.Nameb.Family Historyc.Educationd.Deathe.Literary Achievements5.List of Works6.Characters7.Characterization, Conflicts, Settings, and Exposition8. Plot, Climax, and Resolution9. Theme, Point of View, and Symbolism10.Summary11.Personal CritiqueBook InformationTitle: An American TragedyNumber of Pages: 856Copyright Date: September 1964Publication: New American LibraryAuthor InformationTheodore Dreiser was born in Terre Haute, Indiana, on August 27, 1871. Dreiser was the twelfth of thirteen children, his father John, was a German immigrant. John suffered permanent injury in an accident, which made it difficult for him to provide for his family.Dreiser left home and moved to Chicago when he was fifteen. He completed his education by reading, especially classic literature, and survived by working at low-paying jobs in stores and restaurants. In 1889 and 1890, he attended Indiana University; this was his last hope at a good education. He returned to Chicago and was able to get a job as a reporter. Over the next few years, Dreiser wrote for newspapers in St. Louis, Pittsburgh, and New York. He then married Sara Osborne White in 1898 he divorced her in 1910.In 1930, Dreiser was nominated for the Nobel Prize in literature, but the award went to Sinclair Lewis. Dreiser married Helen Patges Richardson on June 13, 1944. In 1945, the American Academy of Arts and Letters presented him with its Award of Merit. Dreiser died of a heart attack on December 28, 1945 in Los Angeles.List of Dreiser's Works·SISTER CARRIE, 1900·JENNIE GERHARDT, 1911·THE FINANCIER, 1912·THE TITAN, 1914·THE "GENIUS", 1915·A HOSIER HOLIDAY, 1916·PLAYS OF THE NATURAL AND SUPERNATURAL, 1916·FREE AND OTHER STORIES, 1918·THE HAND OF THE POTTER, 1918·TWELVE MEN, 1919·HEY-RUB-A-DUB-DUB, 1920·A BOOK ABOUT MYSELF, 1922·THE COLOUR OF A GREAT CITY, 1923·AN AMERICAN TRAGEDY, 1925·MOODS, CADENCED AND DECLAIMED, 1926·CHAINS, 1927·DREISER LOOKS AT RUSSIA, 1928·A GALLERY OF WOMEN, 1929·EPITAPH, 1929·MY CITY, 1929·TRAGIC AMERICA, 1931·DAWN, 1931·LIVING THOUGHTS OF THOREAU, 1939·AMERICA IS WORTH SAVING, 1941·THE BULWARK, 1946·THE STOIC, 1947·THE BEST SHORT STORIES, 1947·LETTERS OF THEODORE DREISER, 1959·NOTES ON LIFE, 1974·AN AMATEUR LABORER, 1983·DREISER'S RUSSIAN DIARY, 1996CharactersClyde Griffiths- He is the main character of the novel, his only goal in life is the American Dream. He does not have morals; he lies and cheats in pursuit of his goals. He runs away from all his problems, always dreaming of being wealthy.Roberta Alden- She is a poor, shy, woman who works at the factory where Clyde is the supervisor. She has a sexual relationship with Clyde and becomes pregnant. Clyde...

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