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An X Ray Of Mexico Essay

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Cody Schmitt

Mexico is one of the most interesting countries in our world today; from the land features such as the high plateau and the mountain chains, to the culture that the people of Mexico practice in their every day lives. The connection between both physical and human geography in Mexico, run hand in hand together. Therefore, in this paper, I will be identifying the different aspects of both physical and human geographical ideas and practices, that Mexico possesses.
The physical geography of Mexico is very rare due to its vast different landforms that this country consists of. Mexico has a broad range of landforms including many different plateau’s and the two distinct mountain ranges. The two main mountain ranges include The Sierra Madre Oriental and also The Sierra Madre Occidental (“Mexico”). These two ranges are located in northeastern Mexico and on the western boarder of Mexico, respectively. The highest mountain peak is covered in snow, due to its elevation, and is referred to as Mount Orizaba. Mexico also consists of much smaller mountain ranges and even a variety of volcanoes as well. With all these different landforms, plate tectonics is thought to be the reason for the vast differences of land throughout the country (“Mexico Geography and Climate”).
Mexico is one of the richest mineral locations in North America. Its vast landforms create stability for the mineral and rock formations to ensure its processing into resources. Although a lot of the resources are yet to be explored in Mexico, about sixty different minerals have been discovered, including that of silver (“Mexico Rocks and Minerals”). Silver is one of the most common resources in Mexico and is estimated that about 1/3 of all the silver on earth, has come from the inner parts of Mexico (“Mexico Rocks and Minerals”). There are several different “hot spots” for the mineral and rock formations in Mexico. A “hot spot” is a place where mineral and rock formation are high in quality, as well as quantity. These different places are very well known throughout Mexico, but the one that is the most well known is that of Mapimi. In Mapimi, the mineral specimens are very rich and high in quality. It is the most used place for resources for Mexico, and other countries around the world (“Mexico Rocks and Minerals”).
Throughout central and southern Mexico, there are high rates of precipitation. Therefore with all the precipitation and solar energy, some of the richest soils are produced in the heart of Mexico. With these accommodations, mostly infertile yellowish soils are produced that are high in iron oxides and also aluminum hydroxide (“Mexico Geography and Climate”). These rich-in base soils are easily crumbled and are continuously farmed annually. But with the continuous farming with these soils, sheet erosion is starting to effect the soil and cause problems within the environment (“Encyclopedia of the Nations”).

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