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Anabolic Steroids In Sports Essay

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Ben Johnson?s record-shattering sprints at the Seoul Olympics, Brian Bosworth?s fantastic rookie pro football career, and Arnold Schwarzenegger?s spectacular bodybuilding success are all results of steroids (Reilly). Such famous instances have made steroids a very recognizable force in sports, although steroids have been in use since the 1950?s. Although the enhancement of physical ability through unnatural means has been debated for years, it is a fact that steroids have related dangers. Many athletes use steroids without knowing about the side effects or the consequences. I am totally against the use of steroids to better physical ability and endurance, and for good reason.Just exactly what are steroids? Steroids are drugs that can be used for medical treatment as well as for personal reasons. Steroids can be used to enhance athletic performance, alter body appearance, and strengthen the body?s recovery system (Yesalis). Firemen, police, military, athletes, and models, among many others, have been known to abuse steroids (Yesalis). Steroids can be taken orally, through injection, and by skin creams or patches (Yesalis). Steroids are taken by many people, for different reasons and in a variety of different ways, but the possible side effects are still the same.How to people attain these steroids? Steroids can be obtained underground through the black market, by theft, or from fraudulent prescription. Steroids are now made illegally overseas, and shipped to buyers all over the world. The drugs are also produced in U.S. laboratories.Since all of these ways exist, no wonder why it is fairly easy to get one?s hands on some anabolic steroids.The stereotype that only men use steroids is completely a false one. Women and children have both been reported to use steroids. Some girls have used steroids as early as sixth grade (Yesalis). High school girls have used steroids, approximately .5 to 2 percent of them, to be 2 truthful (Yesalis). Some of these women just don?t care about the dangers or masculinizing effects of steroids, or just don?t know about them (Yesalis). Children and teens are able to get supplements similar to steroids right from the health food store, presuming that it is safe (Yesalis). They can be persuaded by coaches to start supplementing for the team (Yesalis). One can only imagine how those youths will turn out if they start that early. People need to know that steroid users are just not muscle-bound male sports stars.One of the most important reasons I am against steroids is because it is very harmful to one?s physical and mental health. According to the NIDA Research Report, there are many dangerous effects from steroid use. Some of these effects are acne, jaundice, trembling, swelling of the feet and ankles, reduction of HDL, the good cholesterol, bad breath, high blood pressure, liver damage, cancers, aggressiveness (roid rage), impaired judgement, and stunted bone growth in teens. Some dangers specific to women are impaired...

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