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Analisis Of Henry Iv By William Shakespear.

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Henry IV Part 1William Shakespeare's Henry IV Part 1 is a historical depiction of King Henry IV's struggle to maintain his kingdom and win back a son that has forgotten all responsibility and stature with wasting time with the local commoners. His son, Prince Henry, has put off his future destiny as king but, as he explains in the opening scenes, he knows that he must put away this life to one-day answer the call as king. In this historical play, Shakespeare develops his characters and creates the fictional dialogue between these historical characters. However, Shakespeare does not leave out his usual twist and turns, side stories, and his underlying commentary on class struggle that brings to life a piece of history.The book focuses on two opposing characters, Prince Henry and Hotspur. The tension between these characters goes mostly unanswered through out the play until its scene where the two meet on a battlefield. Prince Henry is portrayed as the people's prince in the first few scenes of the play. His character is light hearted, forgiving, but still possesses power over them. The commoners respect him not as just a prince but as a man who is willing to give up his noble status to enjoy himself in their company. However, Shakespeare includes scenes of the future Henry. In one scene, Henry tells all at the bar that a day will come when he must leave here to act on his natural abilities as a ruler. The play's most important side story explains Henry's superior qualities but also hisMeluso 2compassion. After his friends rob travelers on the road, Henry then robs them and listens to each create a different story on how they lost the money. This begins about a change in Prince Henry. Here he comes to realize that this way of life is not honorable and he must move to his rightful status in his destiny.Hotspur, cleverly named to show his quick and unbound temper, is Prince Henry's archival and his exact opposite through the majority of the book. Unlike Henry, Hotspur takes responsibility. He acts in the rebellion to over throw the king and in turn earns the secret admiration of King Henry IV. The King longs for a son like Hotspur and is unsure if Prince Henry will come to his aid in battle. Hotspur's character is bold and deviant but he appeals to the reader. We enjoy his energy and enthusiasm but wish that he would fail in overthrowing the king. In short, he is everything Prince Henry is not. He should win in the end but his brash temper does not allow him to think strategically, and the hero, Harry, who...

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1687 words - 7 pages Classic, pp. 236-237. Goldman, Michael. Shakespeare and the Energies of Drama Henry IV, Signet Classic, pp. 260-261. Johnson, Samuel. The Plays of William Shakespeare Henry IV, Signet Classic, pp.234- 235. Kahn, Coppelia. Man's Estate: Masculine Identity in Shakespeare Henry IV, Signet Classic, pp.262-266. Wilson, John Dover. The Fortunes of Falstaff Henry IV, Signet Classic, pp.238-243.

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