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Analyse Some Of The Ways In Which The Visual Elements Of The Text Such As Camera Angles, Backgrounds Used And Framing Present Ideology.

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1)Analyse some of the ways in which the visual elements of the text such as camera angles, backgrounds used and framing present ideology.Ideology is often referred to as the system of ideas, values and beliefs which an individual or group holds to be true or important. The use of technical codes such as, camera angles, use of background and framing clearly reveal ideology, for example consider a short scene from Friends. The establishing shot is a mid-shot of Joey questioning the tip he has just received from his friends. His friends are sat on a couch and in the background you can see the familiar window, which denotes where they are, as the audience recognise it from previous episodes. The scene then cuts to Chandler, so you assume he gives the tip, and then another cut back to Joey. This back and forwards camera action serves to identify the discussion between the two characters. We learn that Chandler has tipped 20%, which ideologically seems acceptable but Joey seems to want more. The camera then pans out to a close up showing two new characters that now become involved in the argument. It pans out more to give a wide shot with Joey and two other characters on the couch. Because of where the couch is sited in comparison with the window, the window seems to frame the situation keeping the audience focused on the action. The camera again cuts between Joey and others on couch showing their argument over Joey's irrational behaviour about the generous tip, which shows that the ideology of the tip because money here is important and becomes involves with the others, wondering whether friends should support each other by paying more. Another presentation of ideology is shown by another scene in the coffee house. The first shot is a close up of Phoebe suggesting to Joey that he tries begging to gain money, the camera then cuts to a close up of Joey looking confused, then pans out showing everyone, then back to a close up of Phoebe who is announcing that she used to beg. Camera match cuts to a close up of each of the other characters faces looking surprised and showing that ideologically begging for money when you aren't poor seems the wrong thing to do or even that begging is at all acceptable.Like Friends, Barbara also uses technical codes to present ideology. A short scene, which presents these codes, concerns a situation when Ted asks Barbara to make a pot of tea. As she walks into the kitchen the camera shot of the whole kitchen and its background frame the shot well. By including the breakfast table set for the family, ideologically this portrays family unity by showing that they can all sit down and have breakfast together. Throughout the scene, the activity of the processes to make a pot of tea are closely monitored and the camera has many shots on Barbara doing this. The scene shows a mid shot of Barbara with the kettle at the tap, then cuts to a close up of just kettle and tap, then cuts back to a mid shot of them all. The connotation of...

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