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Analyse And Evaluate My Own Application Of Evaluation Processes, Working With Others And My Use Of Data And Other Feedback For Evaluation

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The courses I deliver are government funded either though a college, such as Westminster Kingways College or from a contract provider such as, Reed in Partnership. Westminster Kingsway College courses are accredited and has a qualification attached whereas, Reed in Partnership does not. Both require evidence of evaluation, data and feedback. I will concentrate on the non-accredited course of Personal Development and Confidence Building.
My first part of evaluation takes place with the individual learner which takes form of an interview where I complete an action plan with the learner. This evaluates the learner’s needs, their ability to complete the course and what they intend to achieve ...view middle of the document...

In addition, ‘the great advantage of peer evaluation is that it provides a way of sharing good ideas and best practice”. In our institution manager and peer observations are carried out and recorded, they are used to evaluate the learning, teaching delivery and course, which gives further supports to teachers to make changes in the classroom and by the institution (Wallace, 2007: 36).
At the end of the course an evaluation form is given to each learner to complete and this information is used further to make changes if necessary for future courses.
All of the information is used by our institution to evaluate the course as a whole, of what worked and what did not and how we can make improvements. There is also a responsibility to comply with the provider’s / funder’s criteria holding evidence on file that would be available for internal and external audits.
Raw data is used quantitative or qualitatively whereby quantitative gives statistical research into performance and qualitative looks at a broader more personal aspect of the information. There is a need to quantify the data from qualitative to quantitative so that it...

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