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Analyse How The Choice And Presentation Of Setting Was Used To Develop The Theme Of Racism In The Film "Crash" Directed By Paul Haggis

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The film "Crash" directed by Paul Haggis is one that makes use of multiple aspects of the setting and moulds it around the plot allowing it to exemplify the theme of racism. Such aspects of setting include the time, the vast number of racial groups and being set in LA.Crash is a film set in the city of LA in America. It is about the experiences and fatefully linked stories of just a few of the individuals in the city. As they become victims of and guilty of racism and as they learn about themselves in ways both good and bad.The setting of Crash is racially diverse. From whites to blacks to Koreans, Latinos and Persians, major and minor racial groups are accounted for. The interaction between these groups is nothing less than aggressive and hateful. As seen in the early argument between Ria and Kim Lee, with Ria mocking Kim's English: "oh! I blake too fast?" and remarks "just my luck to be hit by an Asian driver". During the 1930's America's racial population consisted of only whites and blacks with blacks being beaten on in a one-way conflict. In Crash, as well as having more than just the two groups they argue on dramatically more even ground in comparison to the past. This is the result of the world's attempts at racial equality. Crash sets in the harsh reality that these attempts have not removed racism. Rather it has made it evolve.Crash is set in the world of 2004. Nearly 50 years have passed since the many breakthroughs of the black civil rights movement. Crash shows the results of those painfully earned "breakthroughs". Things such as bus seats have become readily available for Blacks to ride on. Yet now they are only "to...

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