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Analyse The Effect Of Access To Resources On The Wellbeing Of The Aged. Why Is Access To Resources Compounded By Individuals Who Are Affected By A Number Of Factors?

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Wellbeing is a state in which an individual's physical, social, emotional and intellectual needs are met and a balance between family, work, leisure and community is achieved.It is important for the aged to be able to access resources so that they can meet their needs and hence achieve wellbeing.However there are factors that affect their access to resources which include disability, education, ethnicity/culture, gender, location, and socio economic statusAge is an influential factor in accessing resources from the government and from non government sources. A person's age is used to determine their entitlements to financial assistance such as the aged pension which helps to satisfy their financial need and therefore will be able to buy clothes, food etc which will help meet their physical needs.An elderly person who is also disabled is entitled to special care and assistance. Being disabled may mean an individual is limited in their ability to access certain resources. If an elderly person's disability was blindness they may be reliant on their family or special carers for support. Being reliant may affect their sense of identity which means their emotional need isn't being met.An elderly person who is uneducated may not know about financial supports and other supports in the community which they may be entitled to. They might not know about the pension card which entitles them to a variety of discounted goods and services. This card helps the elderly in many ways including financially, and without this financial support their physical needs may not be met, for example, not having enough money for certain medical treatments.Ethnicity and culture can be associated with problems in accessing resources. Those from other cultures such as Aboriginals may have difficulties in accessing resources because of language or cultural barriers. An elderly Chinese lady with little English, for example, may be unable to communicate with other English speakers and this would affect her need for socialisation.Gender can affect access to resources in the elderly. An elderly man living with his wife may rely on his wife for everything, such as cooking, caring, and shopping. If this wife dies the man will probably have no idea on how to...

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